Current Children Know the Value of Oral and Dental Health

Children now know the value of your mouth
Children now know the value of your mouth

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Onur Ademhan said that today, children learn to care about oral and dental health from a very young age. Stating that although there are still deficiencies in some part of the society, parents are also conscious of Dr. Ademhan noted that children aged 2 to 3 years had toothbrushes, and they were trained to brush their teeth with their parents in front of the mirror.

Stating that the age of going to the dentist was also reduced, Specialist Dr. Onur Ademhan said, “From the age of 4-5, children start going to the dentist. Conscious families bring their children to early control, seek the solution immediately when a tooth hurts, and do not say let's wait. "They are trying so that there are no rotten teeth and something that will harm the general health". Ademhan continued his words as follows:

“The parents who take them to the dentist do the best, realizing the importance of routine dental checks of their children by easily accessing information thanks to the internet, and eliminating the problems in their mouth immediately before they grow. Because infections in the mouth can spread to the whole body through the blood circulation. One of the blood vessels coming out of the heart and spreading throughout the body passes through the jaw. We also have an artery in that area. Therefore, the infection there can jump to the lymph. It can go up to the heart with blood circulation. Consider that there is a protocol designed so that patients who will undergo chemotherapy, radio therapy or bone marrow transplantation first get oral and dental health, their treatment is done, and then the other treatment process begins. Likewise, this is true for pre-pregnancy. "

Expert Dr. Ademhan reported that conscious parents are also aware that health starts in the digestive system. Noting that the intestines are the starting point of many diseases, Ademhan said, “The mouth where digestion begins is very important in order to avoid absorption and digestive problems in the intestines. Because if the person's oral and dental health has become negative to the digestive system, if his chewing is missing, if he swallows his bites without chewing, if there are useful foods he cannot eat comfortably and there is a vitamin deficiency due to this, his general health is also bad ”.

Stating that today's children do not cause problems for their families on these issues, they also pay attention to their oral and dental health. Ademhan said, “For example, they use glasses and braces that used to be embarrassed. They even see and motivate friends with similar problems and wear braces that they consider normal. "My teeth are crooked too, we have small patients who ask their families why you are not solving this problem."


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