Attention to Real Estate Agents Without Authorization Certificate!

Beware of real estate agents without authorization documents
Beware of real estate agents without authorization documents

Real estate brokerage activities can only be carried out by businesses that have a Certificate of Authority. For this reason, attention should be paid to the Authorization Certificate of real estate agents.

Those who want to find out whether a real estate agent has a certificate of authorization can query through the Real Estate Trade Information System, and notify businesses operating without a certificate.

You can report

Stating that improvements in the Real Estate Trade Information System are continuing, Hakan Akdoğan, President of the All Entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants Association (TÜGEM) said, “How will the citizen know if he has an authorization certificate? Here, the authorization documents of real estate enterprises can be inquired through the information system that can be accessed at Again, through this system, citizens can file a complaint. In addition, a notification line system was put into use in order to report real or legal persons engaged in real estate business without authorization. Consumers and licensed real estate businesses can make a notification using this system, ”he said.

They will be taken into consideration

Stating that the complaints will be examined by the Provincial Directorates of Commerce, Akdoğan said, “Our advice to consumers is not to work with real estate businesses that do not have authorization certificates. Because businesses with authorization certificates have obligations to consumers and the Ministry, ”he said.

We warn portals

Stating that they will demand sanctions against their portals that allow membership and entry of advertisements despite the lack of authorization certificate, Akdoğan said, “We want businesses that do not have the authorization certificate stated by our Minister and stated in the regulation to not be able to post. However, we will struggle with all our power to impose sanctions on portals that allow different advertisements and even memberships on this issue, ”he said.

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