ANIL UZUN Will Talk About the Economic Effects of Brexit on Investors


Anil LongTo talk about Brexit's economic impact on investors Youtubewill participate in a live broadcast in. The program will be broadcast live on 12.02.2021 at 19:00.

According to ANIL UZUN, “Brexit has happened, but its effects on the UK economy are just beginning. In the short term, investors may be adversely affected, but the UK and EU have agreed on a trade agreement that will benefit foreign investors in the long run.

Anil LongHe stated that the UK economy is also under the influence of the pandemic, but he predicts that it will recover quickly after vaccination and will soon become one of the most attractive markets for investors.

Also, Anıl Uzun said, “The result of the Brexit referendum was unexpectedly yes. This result was a political shock and the public's initial reaction was that they would have negative economic receivables, but in the near future Brexit will create more opportunities for many investors. Investors should be cautious as it is not known what direction the market will go in the long term. He spoke in the form.

Anil Long By participating in the Question and Answer section, he will try to clarify the issues that are puzzling the audience.

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