A3: Still Alive Introduces Flooded Metium Battle Royale Mode

a still alive flooded metetium offers the battle royale mode
a still alive flooded metetium offers the battle royale mode

Netmarble's game celebrates over five million downloads worldwide with the Somius Night Festival event.

The latest update has been released for the Dark Fantasy Open World Mobile RPG A3: STILL ALIVE, released by Netmarble on the App Store® and Google Play platforms, and offers players a brand new Battle Royale mode, boosts to the Soul Linker system, and an in-game activities were presented. One of these events also celebrates the game's recent success, which reached more than five million global downloads less than two months after its worldwide release on November 4.

A brand new Battle Royale mode, Flooded Metium, is now available for competitive warriors looking to conquer an uncharted map, starting today. Players Soul Linkers have also been updated with the original 7-Star Soul Linkers' ability to boost to the 8-Star level. In addition, the Somius Wake Night Festival will kick off on January 3th, before the next major update of A28: STILL ALIVE, so players can prepare in advance and collect additional rewards and Bonus Time.

A3: Other innovations for STILL ALIVE are:

  • January Content Update Events
    • Battle Pass Season 2: 7 Days Login Event (14 / 1-28 / 1) - Players who log in for seven days will be able to win the Rare 5 ★ Soulstar and Heroic Accesory Chest, the best reward.
    • Veteran 7 Day Guide Mission (14 / 1-4 / 2) - Players who complete Veteran missions will be able to exchange awards and medals such as Blue Diamond, 4 ~ 6-Star Exp Soulstar, 5-Star Upgrade Soulstar and Heroic Soul Linker.
    • 8 ★ Release Celebration Exchange Event (14 / 1-4 / 2) - Players who win tickets by playing A3: STILL ALIVE will be able to win up to five 5 Star Heroic Soul Linkers.
    • 8 ★ Release Celebration Event: Upgraded Reward for Today's Activity (14/01 ~ 04/02) - Players will be able to earn one free 8 ★ Release Celebration Chest from the Day's Activity.
    • Refuge of the Dead B2 - Winner Takes it All (14 / 1-4 / 2) - Players who contributed the most or got the most last hits by participating will receive various in-game rewards.
    • Open! Guild Exchange Market (14 / 1-4 / 3) - Players who earn tickets as part of guild activities will be able to exchange these tickets each week for a monthly reward.
  • Five Million Download Events
    • 7 Day Check-In (21 / 1-4 / 2) - Log in for seven days and earn various rewards such as the 5 Million Downloads Congratulations Chest (including 500x Shining Soulstar), BOX Event Tickets and 5-Star Hero Soulstar.
    • BOX Event (21 / 1-4 / 2) - Players can own BOX tickets by logging in, logging in or purchasing with in-game gold. Players can get a chance to win the Heroic Accessory Selection Chest by using the 5 Million Downloads Congratulations Chest.
    • Gold Consumption Event (21 / 1-4 / 2) - By spending in-game gold, players can earn various items, in-game gold, rewards such as the 8 Star Update Celebration Exchange Event Ticket and more.
  • Somius Wake Night Festival Events
    • Prepare for the Adventure (28 / 1-4 / 2) - Bonus Time events are now active on certain maps and have a 30% higher drop rate for Equipment.
    • Complete the Codex (29 / 1-3 / 2) - Players will be able to earn a Monster Card Box by entering A3: STILL ALIVE notifications every day.

A3: STILL ALIVE Alive is a mobile game that combines the vast and living worlds of Open World RPGs with the battle royale passionate genres. In a dark fantasy world with sword and magic, the always-on Player vs. The player must be careful in the (PvP) environment. Players can prove themselves in a variety of PvP and Player Versus All (PvE) battles with Fortress Siege, Dark Presence, and World Boss content. To support passionate combat, A3: Still Alive is presented with console-quality 3D graphics thanks to the great optimization of the Unity Engine.

A3: STILL ALIVE is now open for free digital download (with in-game purchases) on Apple's App Store and Google Play in 172 countries.


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