7 Steps to Easier Stress Management

step to facilitate stress management
step to facilitate stress management

The stressful process that occurs due to the inability of the person to cope with any threat they perceive and negatively affects their daily life is defined as "stress".

The stressful process that occurs due to the inability of the person to cope with any threat they perceive and negatively affects their daily life is defined as "stress". Stress, which affects physical, emotional, mental and social life, is at the top of the list of the most talked about concepts with the pandemic period. Generali Sigorta, with its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, shared with the public its recommendations that will facilitate stress management and help eliminate the effects of stress.

Be aware of the harm

Stress; It causes many physical and mental problems such as head, neck and back pain, stomach ailments, irritability, concentration disorder, asociality, workaholicism, excessive or malnutrition due to tension in the muscles. First of all, be aware of all the negativity that stress causes in your life. Because a simple awareness to keep life under control is the most fundamental point of stress management.

Identify sources of stress

Stress management begins with identifying the causes of stress during the day. Review all the dynamics that cause stress in business and private life. For example, if the traffic jam causes stress, choose public transport instead of driving. Or, if you feel stress and pressure from your current job, focus on finding a different job.

Change your perspective too

Stress is not only caused by external factors, but also by internal perceptions. Changing your outlook on life is also an important factor when dealing with or managing stress. Changes in your perspective on life will make it easier to manage and overcome existing stress.

Put taking time for yourself at the center of your life

Make sure to take time for yourself to rest every day. Stop saying "I can't spare time for myself because…". To spare time for yourself; Put your own physical and mental health at the center of your life as one of the fundamental criteria for managing your relationships with those around you and your responsibilities more easily and healthily. Give yourself time to relax and do the things you love.

Say "no" when necessary in daily life and at work

You cannot say "yes" to everything. You cannot always meet the expectations and demands of others in business and private life. So learn to say "no" when necessary. Also, communicate with positive people as much as possible. Include activities you can do with these people and make you feel good in your daily life.

Stop burdening yourself

Try to be objective, realistic and flexible. Be aware that you are human, that you cannot perform 100% at all times. Act with the awareness that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and has similar problems throughout the day.

Don't overlook your diet

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Remember, sleep is an important stress management tool. Also, take care of your diet in moderation. If possible, eat fruit and vegetables every day. Choose foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Limit the amount of sugar, salt, alcohol and caffeine intake.

Seek professional help

If you cannot cope with stress despite all these recommendations, and if you see the negative effects of stress in your work and private life, definitely seek help from an expert.

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