Today in History: 30 January 1929 dated 1483 May 23 by law 1927

dated in may by law no.
dated in may by law no.

Today in History
30 January The Demir Eastern Anatolian Railways yol agreement called anlaşma Eastern Anatolian Railways e was passed by the Council of Ministers and sent to Parliament.
30 January 1929 1483 23 May 1927 dated 1042 was amended. The name of the General Directorate of State Railways and Ports; Ları General Directorate of State Railways and Ports “. Baghdad Railways Haydarpaşa Port and Quay Directorate General was abolished. 1 in Haydarpaşa. Business Inspectorate was established.
January 30 1941 24 came out from Germany to Turkey locomotive.
30-31 January 1943 74th anniversary of Churchill and İnönü's station meeting in Adana. During the Second World War, in 1943, President İsmet İnönü met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a wagon at the Yenice train station near Adana. Today is the 74th anniversary of this two-day contact, referred to as the Adana Meetings. Install a possible German attack on Churchill's attitude to the rest of Turkey out of the war had been discussed at this meeting face to face meetings.



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