Metal Collars Will Make The Technology Revolution Of The 21st Century

Metal collars will make the technology revolution of the century
Metal collars will make the technology revolution of the century

Covid-19 ignited the fuse of digitalization. While the technological developments that will be experienced in 10 years fit into 1 year, now the white-collar who do office work and the blue-collar in the production and service sector have come with 3D printers, cars with artificial intelligence and 'Metal Collar' cutting with the production of robots. According to technology experts, 10D printers will make the majority of production within 3 years, and 3D production engineering will constitute one of the most important professions of the future. In this technological change it is also necessary so that the head will rotate indigenous leader of Turkey 3D printer industry Zax with both precursor and central to the change.

While searching for an answer to the question of whether technology serves the benefit of humanity or is the sales slogan of new products equipped with unnecessary functions for more profit, the Covid-19 process has changed everything from top to bottom. With the epidemic that drove the world to bed, the way of doing business has also radically differentiated. Due to the fact that the supply chain is based on the human element along with the production, the shipment of goods and services between the continents stopped, and in the first days of Covid-19, there were disinfectant wars with masks in Europe, which hosted the most developed countries of the world. Human beings, whose population is based on 8 billion and who are now turning their direction to colonization on the Moon and Mars, are determined to use the technology to not be desperate in the new Covid-19 outbreaks. At this point, according to technology experts, even if the global epidemic ends in our lives, white-collar workers will continue to work remotely. Technology will support remote work again. The meetings will be held from Zoom, the time spent in traffic will be devoted to work and family. In addition to office work, 'Metal Collar' robots and 3D printers produced with advanced technology by local companies such as Zaxe will take over the production processes of blue-collar workers by controlling the machines. The products manufactured from the factory with untouched robots will be loaded onto trucks with smart sensors. TIRs, whose destination address is entered remotely to the navigation, will deliver the product manufactured in Shanghai, China, to Porto, Portugal, at the desired time, without violating the traffic rules and without any accidents, with their artificial intelligence computers.

The Superiority of Robots

Although these developments may sound like science fiction in 2021, the Metal Collar revolution will be experienced in the world from the mid-2020s and smart devices from production to transportation will work non-stop for the continuation of the world ecosystem. The number of automation production, which is 400 million today, will increase to 800 million in a few years. According to experts, while the digitalization and technology adaptation process to be taken in the next 10 years is mandatory with Covid-19, production will take the lion's share of these developments. In 2 years, while the weight of robots will increase in world factories, 60 million new jobs will be created for people who will control them. On the other hand, production with robots and artificial intelligence will bring a revolution for the metal-collar class as well as the blue-collar.

The Profession of the Future: 3D Manufacturing Engineering

If the leadership of the revolution to realize his metal collar with Zaxe 3D printers pioneered the indigenous capabilities in Turkey. According to the United Nations (UN), by 2050, 68 percent of the world's population will live in smart cities, and by 2021, technology spending for smart cities will reach $ 135 billion. In this smart urbanization, 3D printers, which have also started to be built in the USA for production, will lead the way. But the human factor will not be forgotten: In the next 10 years, 50 million people will have new lines of business in terms of adapting to technology, and today's production tools will be replaced by 3D printers that produce with zero error. Among the new professions that will emerge will be Blockchain architecture, artificial intelligence and robot engineering, 3D manufacturing engineering, augmented reality development, augmented reality journey creators, virtual reality developers, nanotechnology engineers, climate control engineers, biotechnologists, anti-aging practitioners, gene sequences, epigenetic therapists. .

4 Pioneer of Change with Model

The leading role in this technological development will be 3D printers. Zaxe also has four 2D printer models, namely xlite, X1, Z1 and Z3 +. Along with 3D printers, xDesktop software developed by Turkish software engineers is provided free of charge. The printers produced by Zaxe will not only be the main staff of every factory and SME, as started today; At the same time, metal collar employees in schools and households will fulfill the wishes of students and their hobbyists who want to replace their broken and damaged vehicles.

For New Aziz Sancar and Özlem Türeci

Zaxe compared to that produced by domestic and foreign competitors better quality facilities capable of printing both cheap 3D printers will be the driving force of Turkey industry. At the same time, it will be considered the most important factor that reduces costs for SMEs. In schools, 1 printer will become a career counselor that ensures the development of 1.000 students. Aziz Sancar, the Nobel Prize Winner of the future, and Uğur Şahin, who developed the vaccine against Covid-19, and Özlem Türeci, will take their first steps by letting their creativity speak on Zaxe 3D printers. At the same time, it will ensure that broken items and parts of destroyed cars are printed for households, thanks to free designs available on the Internet, in original product quality and at a cost equivalent to 100 in 1.

Ideal for Donation to Schools

Zax General Manager Emre Akinci, to repair the piece is broken off their 6-year-old children's toys in Turkey or her to produce a new toy specifying start using Zax 3D printer for the sector the fall of age using 3D printers for school entry level is quite promising, so 3D printer He explained that the sector is rapidly approaching its goal of 'a factory in every home'. Underlining that Zaxe printers are currently used in factories and SME production facilities as well as in schools, Akıncı said, “We are present in more than 400 schools with our printers. While 1 computer can be used by 1 child, 1 printer allows the development of 1000 children. "If a donation is to be made, 3D printer donations should be made to schools," he said.

Big Target in Exports

Zaxe General Manager Emre Akıncı underlined that their export targets are great and said, “These are our target markets, especially the UK, Germany and Russia from CIS countries. "We plan to continue the international opening process, which is progressing slowly due to the pandemic, with the completion of the certification processes."

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