2nd Stage Works of Anayurt Boulevard Continue

Stage works of the Motherland Boulevard continue
Stage works of the Motherland Boulevard continue

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on a new alternative road to eliminate the density of transportation and traffic in Malatya. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan examined Anayurt Boulevard 2nd Part works on site. Stating that the works are continuing at full speed, President Gürkan said, "Our aim is to reduce the traffic density by opening new alternative roads at the service point of Malatya".

Head of departments, branch managers and Aksa Natural Gas Company Manager accompanied Mayor Gürkan during the inspection tour. Expressing that the infrastructure and excavation works have been completed in the 2nd part of Anayurt Boulevard, Mehmet Mert, Head of the Road and Infrastructure Department, said, “We have completed the excavation and infrastructure works of the road that will connect to the Özsan Industrial Site and Anemon Hotel, which is the 2nd part of Anayurt Boulevard. With the spring season, we will perform the asphalting of the road and open it to Malatya traffic. ''

Aksa Natural Gas Company Manager Güngör Ateş stated that a new natural gas line was also built in the Özsan Industrial Zone and said, “A special road is being built for Malatya, a very important connection road for Malatya. Since it is an OSB line, we cannot cut the gas, we will cut and cap the gas with special apparatus and we will give the gas with the newly drawn line. A very demanding manufacturing is enough to serve Malatya.

Stating that the necessary works are continuing at the point of bringing the new connection road to Malatya, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said, “Our works on the second part of Anayurt Boulevard continue. Natural gas displacement works are currently in progress. Of course, since the main pipe of natural gas feeds the industry, natural gas is displaced at the point where natural gas is delivered from the new pipe to the industrial area without cutting natural gas, by laying a new parallel line here, due to the very negative effects of the natural gas cut in the industry at the point of production and employment. It is really a hard and costly work. As a result, we see that it takes 40 percent of Malatya traffic, especially Anayurt Boulevard. At the point where the second part of this Anayurt Boulevard joins the area where the Anemon Hotel, which we call the axis of the beyler stream, is located, our friends completed the road opening works and completed the compression process. Hopefully, when the displacement of this natural gas line occurs, we aimed to go directly to Anemon Hotel junction from Anayurt Boulevard and to relieve our main line by taking 40 percent of the road load of the road axle and traffic density here. We continue to work in other regions for the relief of traffic and transportation. After this new road to be opened, God willing, our generation roads will be completed by 2022. I would like to thank our Road and Sub Department Directorate for the work here and the Aksa Natural Gas Company Manager for the displacement work and the person and team, and I hope Malatya will be auspicious. ''


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