Zonguldak Industry Will Attack With Gökçebey OIZ and Filyos Logistics Center

Filyos Port
Filyos Port

📩 04/12/2020 11:01

The launch meeting of "Gökçebey OIZ Establishment Research and Pre-Feasibility Report" and "Filyos Logistics Center Research and Pre-Feasibility Report" prepared by the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA) for the development of the TR81 Region and to ensure sectoral diversity in the region.

The online meeting, chaired by Zonguldak Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz and coordinated by BAKKA, was attended by the representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, District Governorships, Municipalities, OIZs, Non-Governmental Organizations, public institutions and private sector.

Following the opening speech of Governor Tutulmaz, the meeting continued with the presentations of Gökçebey OIZ Establishment Research and Pre-Feasibility Report consultant team and Filyos Logistics Center Research and Pre-Feasibility Report consultant team.

Stating that there is no problem of attracting investors in the region, but there are difficulties in finding a place for investors, Governor Tutulmaz stated that the problems can be solved with such OIZ installations and emphasized that the incentives provided in the region are an important opportunity for investors. He stated that the location of Filyos Port, Industrial Zone, Free Zone, Logistics Center and Gökçebey OIZ in the region will increase the demand for the region, especially the local investors.

The meeting was ended with the answers to the questions, after receiving the opinions and suggestions of the participants about the studies. The reports prepared will soon be shared with the public on bakkakutuphane.org.

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