The New Marketing of the New Normal: E-export

new marketing of the new normal e export
new marketing of the new normal e export

want to move to markets abroad in Turkey against the success of the brand to the many unknown, slowing down the growth of the brand steps. Digital Exchange CEO Emrah Pamuk says that with an accurate market analysis and digital marketing studies, abroad is not as far away as it seems.

brands that have reached the market saturation in Turkey, wants to continue efforts to grow by opening new markets. E-export is becoming one of the prominent issues for those who want to create a multiplier effect on their income and expand their consumer base with the currency effect. On the other hand, this becomes a challenging issue for companies as entering a new market requires extensive work from A to Z rebuilding of the brand.

With the opportunities offered by digital, abroad is not as far as it seems

Digital Exchange CEO Emrah Pamuk, which carries the digital marketing activities of brands to a global scale with initiatives such as and 2gethersocial, said, “Selling in a new country has great opportunities. Although it is appetizing to reach many more new customers and make sales in foreign currency, it takes serious work to explain the products and the brand from scratch and to create a local marketing strategy. However, brands should not be intimidated, because doing these works in digital environment is much easier and takes less time than traditional. Considering the opportunities offered by digital, abroad is actually not that far away ”.

Why is market analysis necessary?

From the initiatives introduced by Digital Exchange this year to, from brand registration to e-export-related incentives, from artificial intelligence supported market research to identifying digital opportunities, from e-commerce site preparation to social media studies, from marketplace management to media planning, It is next to the brands at the stage.

Pamuk said, “For companies that want to sell abroad, market analysis is critical at the first stage. "With, which is the world's first artificial intelligence-based export analysis, customer matching and export planning tools integrated, we help organizations to open new marketing, start exporting or expand their businesses already with e-exporters."

Companies find it difficult to find influencers abroad

Influencer marketing, which is one of the most striking titles of the last period in digital marketing studies, is also widely used to get fast and effective results. Pamuk stated that not knowing how to work with which influencer in a new market is an obstacle for companies at this stage, adding that they follow a system that minimizes the unknown with 2gethersocial platforms.

Bringing together tens of thousands of influencers, social media groups and content distribution channels in 126 countries in a short time, 2gethersocial can provide digital marketing services to brands all over the world. The company's network includes celebrities as well as micro and macro influencers. While Instagram is generally targeted in such studies, 2Gethersocial performs a more comprehensive study by creating different solutions according to the social network preferences in the targeted countries.

The platform decides to add influencers to the network by evaluating the content quality, previous studies and the number of access, as well as with different measurement tools. The 2gethersocial infrastructure, which works with the revenue sharing model, acts with a transparent approach and offers detailed measurement and high performance works at a relatively low cost.

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