Details of New Silkworm Breeding Grant Support

İpekboce Breeding Grant Support
İpekboce Breeding Grant Support

The good news about silkworm cultivation came from Minister Pakdemirli. Great good news for silkworm breeders, it is now possible to get 100% grants from the state. All details about the silkworm breeding grant support are in our news… You can also find all the information about the silkworm breeding incentive program in this article.

Minister Pakdemirli: "50% grant support will be given to beekeeping projects, 75% to goose and turkey breeding projects, 100% to sericulture projects." The Communiqué on Implementation Principles on Supporting Investments in Beekeeping, Silkworm, Goose and Turkey Breeding was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli stated that within the scope of the communique, 50% grant support will be given to beekeeping projects, 75% to goose and turkey breeding projects, and 100% to silkworm projects.

Stating that grants will be given to producers who want to produce bee products such as royal jelly, pollen and propolis within the framework of beekeeping support, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Our Bee Farmers or Honey Producers Association member producers who have 50 or more beehives and are registered in the Bee Registration System for at least 3 years will be able to apply for this support. 50% grant support will be given to machinery, tools, equipment and mobile beekeepers to be used in the production of bee products ”.

Minister Pakdemirli emphasized that 100% grant support will be given to real and legal persons engaged in silkworm cultivation, construction of a mulberry orchard, construction of silkworm feeding house, machinery, tools and equipment within the scope of supports for silkworm farming and said, “Within the scope of Breeding and Commercial Goose and Commercial Turkey Breeding Supports, 1.000-capacity breeders 500% grant support will be given to the investments of goose, 1.000-capacity commercial goose or 75-capacity commercial turkey enterprises. The grant support will be applied for the construction of new poultry and hatcheries in breeding goose enterprises, for the purchase of machinery, tools and equipment, and for the purchase of new poultry construction, machinery, tools and equipment in commercial goose and turkey enterprises ”.

Stating that the applications will be made through the Provincial / District Directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Minister Pakdemirli added that the criteria and technical details regarding the investment will be specified in the application guide to be published on the website of the Ministry.

How to Receive a Silkworm Breeding Grant?

The support prices announced by the Ministry of Agriculture for silkworm breeding are as follows. 1 Box of seeds 70 TL, fresh cocoon weight 50 TLis. The person who will produce must make an actual application with a petition to the Provincial / District Directorate or Kozabirlik / Cooperatives. The demands received from the producer candidate are evaluated by the Ministry of Agriculture and free seed distribution is carried out in accordance with the prepared seed distribution lists.

Support payments per kg are made to the breeders who sell the wet silkworm cocoons produced by the producer to Kozabirlik / cooperatives or to enterprises with legal personality qualifications whose field of activity is silk extraction and processing from the cocoon with flatur. Current support payment prices are as follows:

Seed (box) 70 TL / piece
Fresh Cocoon 50 TL / kg

What are the Required Documents for New Silkworm Breeding Grant Application?

  • Identity Card of the Person
  • Certificate of residence of the address where the person will be raised
  • Filling and submitting the application form for silkworm grant
  • Outline of your silkworm breeding project
  • The capital required for this job and the structure of your capital
  • Title deed of the land to be produced (must be notarized)
  • Signature circular of the producer (must be notarized)
  • Turkey Trade Registry Gazette example (available for applicants as a legal entity)

What are the New Silkworm Breeding Grant Limits?

The state has many grants in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. Government grants for silkworm breeding are 100%, although many of them are not 100%. However, this also has an upper limit. The upper limit for silkworm support. 250.000 TLis. It has been determined that this fee covers the costs of building a feeding house for silkworms, purchasing the necessary tools and equipment, and establishing a mulberry garden.

What Do You Need to Know About Support?

  • Individuals or institutions wishing to receive silkworm breeding grant must operate for at least 3 years.
  • You must complete the applications on the dates determined by your directorates.
  • Applications are valid in the years specified.
  • The directorates specify all tools and equipment to be purchased in a booklet.
  • This grant cannot be combined with other grants.
  • Applications cannot be made by fax or e-mail.

Cocoon production and support payments and wet cocoon prices between 2002 and 2015

Years Number of Families Seed (Box) Wet Cocoon Production (Kg) Supporting Payment (TL)
2002 2.356 3.885 99.254 560.494
2003 2.758 5.094 168.740 1.234.524
2004 2.888 6.070 145.173 1.181.209
2005 2.677 5.669 160.174 1.436.535
2006 2.553 5.698 128.945 1.325.278
2007 2.274 5.273 127.146 1.300.701
2008 2.193 5.564 126.614 1.373.437
2009 2.295 5.683 139.599 1.737.206
2010 2.134 5.476 128.960 2.047.626
2011 2.623 5.808 150.646 3.187.173
2012 2.572 5.576 133.707 2.841.422
2013 2.134 5.476 128.960 2.047.626
2014 2.623 5.808 150.646 3.187.173
2015 2.572 5.576 133.707 2.841.422

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