Urban Transformation Starts in the Aegean District

urban transformation has begun in the aegean district
urban transformation has begun in the aegean district

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started demolition works for urban transformation in Ege District. İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “This area in the center of the city will be a brand new symbol for İzmir. Ege Mahallesi will create a leverage effect for the transformation of the city, ”he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its urban transformation works with a 100 percent consensus and on-site transformation understanding, started the first demolition in the Ege District. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who went to the field to examine the works, said, “Today, we are taking the first step of the implementation phase of urban transformation in Ege Neighborhood, which has been one of the important areas in the city center, which has been turning eyes for urban transformation in İzmir for a long time. In the team that went to the region for the demolition work, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General Suphi Şahin, Aegean City Planning Chairman Ali Onat Çetin, İZELMAN General Manager Burak Alp Ersen and İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya accompanied them.

The turnkey construction tender for the first stage of Ege Mahallesi was finalized on October 22, and Aslanoğlu Altyapı ve Üst Yapı A.Ş., which won the tender on November 11. and Baykan Otomobil A.Ş. The contract to start the project was signed with the Joint Venture.

Extraordinary excitement

Saying that the Aegean District is in the center of the city but has an appearance that does not match the identity of the city, Mayor Soyer emphasized that it is an extraordinary excitement and a great hope for the future that the urban transformation started here. Stating that within the scope of the first phase, three buildings will be built in the construction area of ​​approximately 60 thousand square meters in 120 months, one of which is a commercial, office and residential block, and the other two are only residential blocks, Soyer said, “In the first phase, approximately 300 houses will be It will be presented to the beneficiaries in our other stages and will contribute to the acceleration of the construction process in other stages in the transformation field. The process will go step by step. Citizens will move as the residences are built, and renovation works will begin in the places where they move. The process will proceed in this way and this area at the center of the city will become a brand new brand value and symbol for the city. "It will create a leverage effect for the transformation of the city."

Integration into the city

Saying that the urban transformation project in the Aegean District was prepared taking into account both the cultural, historical and economic values ​​of the region and the cultural richness and colorfulness of the inhabitants of the region, Soyer continued: “In this project, just like all our other urban transformation projects, the sensitivities of our Roman citizens living in the region We conducted a participatory process based on their opinions. In this context, we are implementing a project with residential areas and specialized green areas in the middle, pedestrian connection with the Kahramanlar region, and the integration of the region into the city with the cultural center and commercial functions. We also put the restoration of the Aya Yanı Ligaria Church, which is located in this region and currently operated as a coffee house, on our agenda.

"Urban transformation is a public policy for us"

Soyer reminded once again that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality defines urban transformation not as a rent policy contrary to the wrong practices in our country but as “displacement”. “We have two basic principles to realize the transformation. The first is that urban transformation is based on consensus and the realization of local transformation. The second is the continuation of this process under the supervision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In other words, the realization of a transformation within the framework of our principles is controlled by our Municipality. We do not confront the citizen with the contractor. By using the power of the public, we base the municipality to stand at a point that protects citizens. For us, urban transformation is a public policy and a guarantee of the citizens' right to life with a public perspective ”.

"Licensed buildings also need to be checked"

Saying that the October 30 earthquake changed the common belief that urban transformation should only be carried out in unlicensed areas, Soyer said, “This earthquake showed us all the necessity to consider licensed buildings within the scope of urban transformation as soon as possible. Therefore, we, as a country, need to start addressing the urban transformation issue from a different perspective after the Izmir earthquake. For this, there is a need for a new urban transformation legislation and models that are comprehensive across the country, whose social dimension has been strengthened and supported by social financing models compatible with it ”.

"We are very happy"

Ege Mahallesi Muhtar Özer Kaleli thanked Mayor Tunç Soyer, saying that they have been waiting for urban transformation for years. Kaleli said, “The President will realize the transformation without sending us elsewhere, without harming anyone. “We are very happy as the people of the Aegean District”.

A total of 7 hectares of land will be transformed.

The entire transformation in the Ege District will be carried out in the 7-hectare area in the new city center, with Meles Stream in the east, İZBAN railway line and Kahramanlar Neighborhood in the west, and Liman Arkası in the north, bounded by industrial areas that have lost their function today. The Metropolitan Municipality continues negotiations for the other stages of the project.

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