Ünye Gets Smart Intersections

unye gets smart junctions
unye gets smart junctions

The intersection arrangement and renovation works initiated by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in regions with heavy city traffic continue at the Industrial Junction of Ünye district.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which took new measures against the traffic density that occurred with the increase in the number of vehicles in the city, had previously made arrangements in the district of Altınordu in Sivas Junction, Russian Market Junction, Mevlana Junction, Dörtyol Junction and Fındıklı Junction (Yeni Mahalle). Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has spread these works to the districts, continues its arrangement studies at the Industrial Crossroad, which Ünye district has been waiting for years.


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Coşkun Alp, who examined the intersection arrangement works on site, said, "The works will be completed in a short time and the intersection will be put into service".

Stating that the intersection arrangements carried out throughout the province have a significant impact on the traffic flow, Alp said: “Our Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Dr. We continue the intersection arrangement works, which we started with the instructions of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, in Ünye district after Altınordu district. We have seen how much impact the 6 intersection arrangement works we previously made in Altınordu district on the traffic flow. Now, we started our work at the Ünye Industry Crossroads, where our Ünye district has been waiting for years. At this intersection, we will do road widening and signaling work in the first place. Then, in order to make it more modern, we will implement the smart intersection arrangement we have implemented in Altınordu district. Again, we will reduce the burden of the Niksar Junction by passing heavy tonnage vehicles from the edge of the Tabakhane Stream to relieve the Niksar Junction. When the works we will do at these two intersections, which are connected to each other in our Ünye district, are completed, the major congestion on the intersection will be resolved "



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