Ukraine Seeks to Benefit from the Experience of Turkish Companies in Highway Construction

Ukraine wants to benefit from the experience of Turkish companies in highway construction.
Ukraine wants to benefit from the experience of Turkish companies in highway construction.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Şmigal to Turkey after his two-day working visit to Ukraine to assess, in particular Turkish companies that the public-private partnership projects in the areas concerned with practical experience, he said.

“We have a project for the construction of Krakovets-Lviv-Brody highway. This is the project I want to start implementing next year. Of course, the experience of Turkish companies will be very useful. Concession is always a competition. And it is important that the participating companies have practical experience in implementing such projects. " said.

Şmigal stated that he believes that the infrastructure projects have all the prerequisites for implementation according to the principle of transferring to a concession.

“I think infrastructure projects will be implemented in the fastest way possible. During a meeting with the business community, the Minister of Infrastructure presented the concession of the two ports. Moving forward, we will compromise major infrastructure projects that significantly improve the management quality of such facilities. We will build modern roads and infrastructures through concession mechanisms. ” said.

Smigal drew attention to the event of the round table held in Istanbul on Sunday with representatives of the Turkish business world and mentioned that certain agreements have been made, especially for the construction of high speed train lines.

“As a result of Sunday's business meeting, we saw possible cooperation possibilities in the area of ​​building high-speed lines for passenger trains. This is an important futuristic project for Ukraine; but today it is necessary to work on it. In the future, cities such as Kharkiv, Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv and Odessa will be connected by high-speed passenger lines. Turkey has solid experience as high-speed line between Istanbul and Ankara. " Said.

The Prime Minister announced that similar new meetings will be repeated in the future;

"In the future, both in Ukraine and Turkey will be a series of such events. We agreed to visit and work at ministerial and Ukrainian company level. This is already a practical application level. " he added.

Prime Minister, Ukrainian-Turkish Business Council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and its role in maintaining contact with the organizing of the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey and attracting investments in this area and drew attention to the events in the development of relations.

Ukrainian delegation led by the Ukrainian prime minister, held a two-day visit to Turkey and in this study, the total investment portfolio of $ 5 billion a meeting was held with representatives of Turkey's leading companies. At the roundtable, the Prime Minister outlined the priority areas for business and investment cooperation between the two countries and showed interest in Turkish companies' experience in public-private partnerships.

Source: ukrnews



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