TUSAŞ's Waste Management Project Wins Gold Award

tusasin waste management project won a gold award
tusasin waste management project won a gold award

📩 02/12/2020 13:00

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) was deemed worthy of an award at the Green World Awards, one of the world's most prestigious awards in waste management. Continuing to develop projects to raise awareness about recycling of wastes, TAI won the Gold Award in the Waste Management category at the Green World Awards, where 500 projects competed with its “Waste Management and Green Flag League” project.

In order to increase environmental awareness and support the zero waste project, the "Green Flag League" competition project, in which the most successful departments that achieve environmental targets are determined, initiated on June 5, World Environment Day, will determine the green flag winner unit of TAI after scoring every quarter of the year. The green flag, which will be carried by the winner of each quarter within the scope of the league, where a fierce fight will take place for a year, will continue to change hands according to the announced points and will be delivered to the champion of the year at the end of the year. This year's awards were announced on November 23, 2020, and was awarded the gold award in the TUSAŞ Waste Management category, which was evaluated by the jury with its environmental aspects in the organization where projects from many countries around the world competed every year and the best environmental practices were awarded. TUSAŞ, which utilizes 99% of its wastes through recycling and recovery method, also received the title of "Green World Ambassador" in the international arena with the award it won.

TUSAŞ, which carries out exemplary studies in environmental waste management at many stages from on-site separation to elimination of wastes in its facilities located in Ankara, was awarded a "Zero Waste Certificate" by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the first time among defense industry companies in recent months.


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