Best Engine Holiday trails Turkey

best holiday trails engine turkiyenin
best holiday trails engine turkiyenin

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

Motorcycle is a passion for many people. Especially the summer months are the ideal time to drive a motor. This summer, nature holidays are very popular and preferred by many people.

Before setting off, we recommend that you prepare as minimalist as possible for your motor journey and obtain the most practical and useful forms of the materials you will need. Organize your clothes to take up as little space as possible, and make sure that the food you take with you does not spoil quickly and spill on the way.

First aid supplies are indispensable for travels. Check your first aid kit and if you have any missing items, be sure to get it before you start your journey. Make sure you also have your documents with you.

Driving pleasure without getting away from the city: Istanbul - Kırklareli

If you want to take a break from your busy business life, you can feel the freedom without getting too far from the city. The motor route between Istanbul and Kırklareli can be a very pleasant driving opportunity for you. Starting from the north of Istanbul, the journey includes Kıyıköy, İğneada and Limanköy. Longoz Forests, Dupnisa Cave, Hell Falls are just some of the beauties you can see on this route.

Daily Motorcycle Ride: Kumbag - Uçmakdere - Şarköy

If you have limited time or are not ready for long journeys, you can choose the Tekirdağ motorcycle route, which is only an hour and a half away from Istanbul.

On this route, which is defined as very impressive by motor enthusiasts, you can double your adrenaline by taking a break for paragliding in Uçmakdere.

Peace Of Mind With The Sound Of The Waterfall Flowing From The Mountain: Maşukiye

Maşukiye, one of the areas where you can breathe without getting away from Istanbul, is one of the most favorite routes of motor enthusiasts. Located in Izmit, Maşukiye is located near Kartepe and Sapanca lakes. Thanks to the waterfall flowing from the mountain, you can hear the sound of the water from anywhere during your stay in Maşukiye. In addition, if you do not prefer camping, hotel options and restaurants are waiting for you in Maşukiye.

Motor Driving Experience in the Plateau: Çiğdem Plateau

Have you ever been to the plateau by motorcycle? If you have not experienced this unique experience yet, you can visit Çiğdem Plateau, which takes its name from the crocus flowers that bloom after snow. When it is called plateau, you may think of the Black Sea directly, but Çiğdem Plateau is located in the Marmara Region. You can also camp on the plateau located on the border of Sakarya's Hendek and Akyazı districts.

In addition, livestock farming, vegetables and fruits are introduced in the highland festivals held in the second week of July every year in Çiğdem Plateau. Various entertainments are also organized.

A White Cruise: Salt Lake

If you want to discover different beauties of nature and experience a different motor journey route, Tuz Gölü is for you. Salt Lake will fascinate you with all its glory on this route from the Central Anatolian steppes to the whiteness of Lake Tuz.

It will be an unforgettable journey where you will pass through the yellow fields and steppes of Central Anatolia and find yourself in the white Salt Lake landscape. Destinations such as Köprüköy, Bayramözü, Hirfanlı Dam and Acıkuyu will be on your way for this motorcycle route that we will recommend especially in spring.

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