Pandemic Induced Death in Turkey Number of Floors More than 2-3 Announced

turkiyede welding pandemic death numbers of times more than explained
turkiyede welding pandemic death numbers of times more than explained

The ten Metropolitan Mayors met at the online meeting once again. The presidents said the number of deaths from infectious diseases in their hands was 2-3 times higher than the data announced. He called for a total struggle against the pandemic with the social state reflex. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek, who has participated in all meetings so far, could not attend the meeting due to the Kovid-2 treatment he had been receiving for about 19 months.

10 Metropolitan Mayors from CHP came together at the virtual meeting. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek, who has been treated for Kovid-2 for about 19 months, could not take part in the meeting. Metropolitan Mayors, who manage the cities where 49 percent of the total population of the country lives, shared information about the number of deaths caused by infectious diseases in their cities. Stating that there is a 2-3 fold difference between the numbers published by the central government and the numbers they have received, the Presidents stated that the hospitals in their cities have reached occupancy that can no longer meet the demands.

Below, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Gürün The statement signed by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak, Hatay Metropolitan Mayor Lütfi Savaş is as follows:

"Turkey is inhabited by 49 Metropolitan Municipality Chairman of the 11 percent of the population, Kovid-19 to combat violence in the state that we are ready to work with all institutions we have expressed at every opportunity. With the recent increase in the number of cases, patients and deaths, we follow the 'information pollution' on these numbers with sadness and concern. We are experiencing the uneasiness of having to detect 2-3 times the differences between the daily death figures reflected in our institutions and the numbers published by the central government every night. It is now the responsibility of every public official to share the facts about this virus and its consequences with the public in almost every home. There is nothing publicly or conscientiously understandable to avoid this sense of responsibility. We invite the public administrators to be determined to share the facts with all their nakedness in such a process where a funeral starts to rise from each house. Same determination; It must also be shown in matters such as financial aid, support and incentives that must be made to all segments of society adversely affected by the pandemic. We invite the central administration to fulfill all the requirements of being a social state and to include all its institutions in the process with a sense of mobilization. We are obliged to announce to the public that we are in consensus on the point that a 2 or 3-week closure is essential, in line with the recommendations of scientists, in terms of protecting public health. Regards."



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