What is Tramer Query? How to Make Tramer Query?

What is tramer query? How to do tramer query?
What is tramer query? How to do tramer query?

When it comes to buying used vehicles, it is necessary to pay attention to many issues, especially the damage history. In the past, one of the most reliable methods to obtain information about the current status of the vehicle was expertise and detailed checks by a reliable master. However, thanks to Tramer, which was founded by the Undersecretariat of the State Treasury in 2003, insurance history inquiries can be made easily about the vehicle to be purchased. You can find detailed information about the query services provided by Tramer in the rest of this article.

What is Tramer Query?

The Insurance Information and Monitoring Center, or more often abbreviated Tramer, contains all insurance information on motor vehicles. Thanks to the information provided by this institution, malicious attempts that may occur in motor vehicles, especially in trading transactions, can be easily prevented. Thanks to the data collected within Tramer, it is also possible to make clearer decisions about pricing.

The data bank of the Traffic Insurance Information Center is kept open to the public. Therefore, anyone can make various inquiries using different channels without any official permission. Tramer query provides serious convenience to individuals, especially at the stage of purchasing second-hand vehicles. Because the institution's database is a reliable source where the most accurate information about the insurance record history of motor vehicles can be obtained.

With the SBM system, you can inquire about victim information, traffic policy, insurance and accident report. In addition, car enthusiasts on the eve of owning a second-hand vehicle frequently apply to Tramer to get detailed information about the vehicle damage record, the amount and the cause of the damage.

What is Vehicle Damage Record?

Vehicle damage record is one of the most frequently questioned issues in Tramer. Material damage caused by an accident within a motor vehicle can be covered in line with the insurance policy. Recorded damages not only affect the market value of the vehicle, but can also cause variations in automobile insurance policy prices. In other words, the higher the damage ratio, the higher the price demanded for the motor own damage policy.

Used vehicles are evaluated in different categories by insurance companies by looking at their damage rates. If the repair costs approach or exceed the market value of the vehicle as a result of the accident, the vehicle is considered fully damaged. In the insurance industry, a vehicle can be deemed fully damaged depending on the policy conditions. For example, the damage rate varies between 45% and 70% depending on the vehicle type and market conditions, and it can be considered as fully damaged. It is not appropriate for such vehicles to go back to the traffic for both passenger and driver safety and economic reasons.

Therefore, you can easily prevent financial losses that may occur in such cases by querying the damage record of the second-hand vehicle you plan to buy through Tramer. Because the information transmitted during the query is directly created by compiling the reports of the vehicle recorded in the past period. In this respect, the application removes the possibility of the seller giving false information to the buyer, whether intentionally or not.

How to Make Tramer Query?

With the SMS project covering all operators, users can query the damage history, vehicle detail information, and the parts that have been replaced according to the expert report by sending an SMS to 5664 by sending a text message. SMS inquiry service is paid and the current tariff for 2020 is charged as 9,5 TL.

You can use the text message service to make inquiries on Tramer, especially the vehicle damage record. If you want to make a traffic policy query, you can write "TRAFIK" and send an SMS to 5664. In order to obtain motor insurance information, you can type "CASCO" and query the same number. Those who want to have information about the damage record of the vehicle can send a message to 5664 by typing the license plate information. Even if the license plate information of the vehicle has changed, the entire damage history present in the SBM records of the vehicle in question can be sent to the user via SMS. Victim information inquiry process can be done easily by typing "MAGDUR" and sending a message to 5664.

It is necessary to leave a space after the above commands in the queries for policy, insurance, damage record made via SMS, and the license plate must be written in full. In order to obtain victim information, it is obligatory to write a Turkish identity number with a space after the command. Detailed inquiries can be made by typing "PARCA" space "PLAKA" space "DAMAGE DATE" and sending it to 5664 in order to find out the changed parts in accidents with expert reports.

You can perform your Tramer inquiries via the call center with 11890. With this method, the necessary information can be obtained from SBM and you can be informed both verbally and via SMS. With this method, you are charged 4,75 TL per minute for the inquiries you make.

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