Where is the traffic fine paid?

Where to pay the traffic ticket
Where to pay the traffic ticket

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

The number of vehicles increasing day by day brings along the increase in traffic violations and fines. If you violate the traffic rules due to reasons such as incorrect overtaking, parking violation, vehicle tracking distance not being maintained, not using seat belts, traffic light violation, your vehicle license plate is fined. Traffic fines issued to you are delivered to your address and notified. However, you can find out whether you have a traffic ticket that does not reach your address or by making an online inquiry through the e-government system or from the General Directorate of Security.

How to Question the Traffic Ticket?

Whether a traffic ticket written on your plate, your personal information from turkiye.gov.t address to query online and you can log in with your password to the e-government system. You can view your license plate number and fines for your vehicle registered in your name by typing "query the penalty written on the license plate" on the search button on the page. If you do not have a traffic ticket, you can access the information that you do not have any.

The traffic ticket inquiry process is carried out in the fastest and easiest way via e-government. In addition to the e-government system, the Revenue Administration's (RA) intvrg.gib.gov.tr ​​address, the General Directorate of Security (EGM) http://www.egm.gov.tr You can query your traffic fines at. You can perform your inquiries from the relevant channels 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. You can get information about your debt by inquiring online traffic fines and make your payments immediately.

Where Does Traffic Fines Lend?

It is important that you pay your traffic ticket on time. You can pay the fine through bank branches, PTT branches, tax office or the internet. In addition to your payment through online channels, you also have the opportunity to pay in cash from the relevant intermediary institutions. You can take advantage of a 15% discount by making your traffic ticket within the first 25 days from the day the fine is cut. Thus, you save the relevant payment amount. In case of delay, you may encounter high amounts due to interest. The delay penalty is reflected in your debt at the amount of 5% of the penalty for each month.

How to Pay Online?

You can quickly pay traffic fines written on your plate through the internet or mobile branch applications of the banks determined by the General Directorate of Security. You can make your payment instantly with your credit card without wasting time. If you are an İşbank customer, you can make your payment by logging into the Traffic Penalty (TPC) Payment page from the internet branch. You can also access the traffic ticket payment page by clicking the MTV / Traffic Ticket tab from the payments menu. You can pay the relevant amount using your credit card and terminate your debt.

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