Ministry of Youth and Sports to Recruit 500 Contracted Personnel

Ministry of Youth and Sports
Ministry of Youth and Sports

To be employed in the dormitory directorates of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, based on the KPSS B group KPSSP2020 score of 3, the oral exam results from among the candidates who will be invited up to 4 (four) times the number of vacant quotas for each position according to gender, according to the order of success 4-B Contracted Dormitory Management Personnel will be recruited.

the youth and sports ministry will recruit contracted personnel


  1. To fulfill the conditions specified in sub-clauses 657, 48, 4 and 5 of sub-clause (A) of the first paragraph of Article 6 of the Civil Servants Law No. 7,
  2. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  3. To graduate from higher education institutions at least at the undergraduate level,
  4. To have at least 2020 (sixty) points from the KPSS (B) group KPSSP3 score type in 60,
  5. Not being over the age of 65 as of the last day of the application date,
  6. Not receiving retirement pension from the Social Security Institution (except widow and orphan pension)
  7. Not having any disease that prevents to perform his duty continuously,
  8. No disability to work full time,

Except for those excluded in the Annex 1 of the Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel, the applications of those resigned from their duties due to the termination of the contract, whose contracts do not exceed 1 year from the date of termination will not be accepted. If this issue is understood later, their contracts will be canceled even if they have been placed.

Candidates must meet the requirements as of the last day of the application.


  1. Candidates who meet the application requirements will make their applications electronically on 28 December 2020 (10:00) - 13 January 2021 (17:00) by filling in the "Contracted Dormitory Management Personnel Recruitment Exam Application Form" on
  2. Candidates will upload the documents specified in the title to the places specified in the application system as a photograph in .jpeg format.
  3. After the candidates have completed their applications, they will complete their applications by using the "Confirm Application" button.
  4.  Requests of candidates who do not fill in the e-application form or do not approve the application via ​​will not be taken into consideration.
  5. Applications that do not comply with the principles specified in this announcement, by mail or personal application will not be accepted.
  6. After the application ends, no changes will be made to the applicant's application information for any reason whatsoever.
  7. Candidates will be able to apply for only 1 (one) position.
  8. The candidate himself will be responsible for the application process is correct, complete and in accordance with the issues specified in the announcement.

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