Directorate General of Migration Management to Recruit 17 Lawyers

general directorate of immigration administration
general directorate of immigration administration

The General Directorate of Migration Management Legal Counseling and Advocacy Examination, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 17 October 11 and numbered 2013, for a total of (28792) lawyers who are vacant in the central and provincial organizations of the Directorate General of Migration Management and whose place, number and staff degree are written In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Appointment, a lawyer will be recruited through an entrance (oral) exam.

the general manager of the goc administration will make a lawyer


Entrance Exam application dates: December 21-30, 2020

Applications, Our General Directorate The application form to be obtained from the internet address will be filled and submitted to the address of the General Directorate Çamlıca Mahallesi 122. Sokak No: 4 Yenimahalle / ANKARA together with the requested documents. Documents required in the application must have reached the General Directorate by the deadline specified in the entrance exam announcement by the end of working hours. Delays in the post will not be taken into account. The list of candidates who meet the above-mentioned conditions as a result of the examination of the application form and its accompanying documents and who are eligible to take the exam It will be announced on the internet address and candidates will not be notified separately.

Candidates may choose only the center or a province during the application. Applications of candidates who make more than one choice will not be accepted.

Among the candidates who applied for the exam duly and who meet the requirements for participation; If there are more than 5 (five) times the number of staff on the basis of individual center and province, taking into account the central organization or province they prefer, starting from the candidate with the highest score (KPSSP3), 5 (five) times candidates (equal to the last candidate candidates who have the right to participate in the oral exam.

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