Deputy Yasar Asked About Samsun's Transportation Projects

the deputy asked Yasar Samsun's transportation projects
the deputy asked Yasar Samsun's transportation projects

IYI Party Samsun Deputy Yaşar asked the Ministry of Transport at what stage the Samsun Ankara high speed train and Çarşamba-Ayvacık-Taşova Road projects are planned to be built in the city. Yaşar was informed that preparations for the high-speed train and road project are continuing.

Good Party Samsun Deputy, State Economic Enterprise Commission Member and Deputy Chairman of Local Governments Bedri Yaşar asked at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure SOE Commission meeting, at the meeting of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the stage of Samsun's transportation projects. Yaşar asked the ministry officials at what stage the Samsun-Ankara high-speed train, Çarşamba-Ayvacık-Taşova Road and Sivas-Yıldızeli Kalın Railway project are.

QUESTION 1 - What is the latest situation in Samsun-Ankara high speed train project?

REPLY: A High Speed ​​Train Project has been planned between Samsun-Kırıkkale with a length of 293 km, which will form our new North-South railway corridor. Project studies continue in three sections, namely Samsun-Merzifon, Merzifon-Çorum and Çorum-Delice, and the projects of Kırıkkale-Çorum section have been completed.

Our project work continues in Çorum-Merzifon-Samsun part.

Following the completion of the survey project works in the first quarter of 2021, it is aimed to include the project in the investment program.

QUESTION 2 - Why can't the Çarşamba-Ayvacık-Taşova road be completed? What is the Samsun ring road situation?

REPLY: Tender works are carried out on the 30 km section of the Çarşamba-Ayvacık-Taşova Road and landslide studies are carried out on the same route. Samsun West Ring Road; (2 * 3) divided road project is approved. The municipality is expected to empty the zoning corridor, and then the construction phase will begin.

QUESTION 3 - There is the Sivas-Yıldızeli-Kalın Railway Project, which connects to Samsun. Recently, we have heard and heard that it has always been opened, you said that the test work has started, but there are still certain problems, we are worried that it is fully commissioned. So what's the latest situation here?

REPLY: Within the scope of the 378 km long Samsun-Sivas Line Modernization Project, part of which is financed by a European Union grant loan, the line was improved and the establishment of signaling and telecommunication facilities was completed. The rides were tested on December 16, 2019 and it was taken into commercial operation on 04.05.2020. It was opened on 01.11.2020 with the participation of our President. There is no negative situation.

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