What is Sinovac CoronaVac Vaccine?

What is sinovac coronavac rebel
What is sinovac coronavac rebel

China-based companies coronavirus vaccine developed by Sinovac coronavac the third phase tests while continuing to Turkey, announced that the company signed a contract for 50 million doses. What do we know about the test coronavac vaccine made in Turkey in the recent period? How is the vaccination method and what are the side effects? How do experts evaluate the vaccine?

The CoronaVac vaccine was developed in cooperation with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech and the Bhutantan Institute, a Brazilian biological researcher.

Initial results in macaque monkeys revealed that the vaccine produces antibodies that neutralize 10 Covid-19 strains.

According to the preliminary results of Sinovac's first trials published in the Lancet, one of the world's oldest medical journals, the vaccine was noted to be safe. However, the vaccine was noted to produce a moderate immune response with lower antibody levels compared to patients recovering from COVID-17.

CoronaVac is described in the Lancet as "an inactivated vaccine candidate against COVID-19, showing good immunogenicity in mice, rats and non-human primates."

In the review on the vaccine, "We found that two CoronaVac doses at different concentrations and using different dosing schedules were well tolerated and moderately immunogenic in healthy adults aged 18-59 years." is called.

In addition to the third stage trials on humans in Indonesia and Bangladesh, CoronaVac entered the third stage trials in Brazil in July.

The vaccine candidate's experiments, which were tested on 13 volunteers in Brazil, were stopped on 10 November and restarted on 12 November due to an unexpected side effect.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Vaccine?

In the evaluation made by Lancet, it is stated that the adverse reactions of the vaccine are mild; It is stated that the most common symptom is pain at the injection site.

Compared with viral vector vaccines or other COVID-19 vaccine candidates such as DNA or RNA, it is noted that fever occurrence after vaccination with CoronaVac is relatively low.

500 volunteers are preparing the interim evaluation reports on each stage in the ongoing vaccination in Turkey. According to the interim safety report prepared with 6 people on November 518, it was determined that the vaccine had no significant side effects.

The most common side effects were reported as fatigue (7,5 percent), headache (3,5 percent), muscle pain (3 percent), fever (3 percent) and injection site pain (2,5 percent).

The independent data monitoring committee stated in the interim safety report that it had no reservations about the safety of the vaccine.

How is the Vaccination Method?

Turkey, the third phase of the ongoing work of Chinese origin joined the Covidien-19 vaccine trial application. This vaccine is planned to be applied on 12 thousand 450 volunteers in total.

Since the safety data of the applications in the healthcare professionals group were evaluated positively, the applications were also opened to normal risky citizens.

According to the Ministry's statement, the vaccine is administered as follows: “In the vaccine study, some of the volunteers are given the actual vaccine, and the other part is given a placebo. This method is randomly determined by the computer program and the research team does not know what was done to which volunteer. In the trials to be carried out on volunteer citizens, 3 out of every 2 people will be given a real vaccine. In this way, the difference in effect between the real vaccine and the non-vaccine will be revealed. At the end of the study, all volunteers in the placebo arm will be invited back to the centers and actual vaccination will be administered. "

How Much Does CoronaVac Cost?

The CoronaVac vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac Biotech company for Covid-19 is currently used in China for healthcare workers and those in the high risk group.

According to Reuters, a single dose of the CoronaVac vaccine costs 200 yuan (about US $ 30) in China. However, the price of this vaccine may be sold to different countries at different prices. Because the Chinese health authorities announced in August that the price of 2 doses of vaccine would be approximately one thousand yuan (150 dollars).

Indonesia-based company Bio Farma reported that it has reached an agreement with Sinovac to purchase 40 million doses, and the vaccine will cost $ 13.60 per dose in Indonesia.

How Are The Storage Conditions?

Although CoronaVac has a disadvantage in terms of production over mRNA type vaccines, it has a significant advantage in terms of storage and transportation: It can be stored at normal refrigerator temperature.

SinoVac researcher Gang Zeng says the vaccine is likely to be stored at 2-8 degrees for up to three years.

This is an important advantage, especially in countries with poor cold chain or infrastructure.

Who Will CoronaVac Vaccine Hit First?

In the first stage, CoronaVac vaccine will be vaccinated by healthcare professionals, citizens over 65 and adults living in collective and crowded places such as the elderly, the disabled, and those staying in protection homes. In the second stage, people working in critical jobs in sectors and high-risk environments necessary for the functioning of society and people with at least one chronic disease aged 50 and over will be vaccinated. The third stage includes citizens under the age of 50 with at least one chronic disease, young adults, and those working in sectors and professions not in the first two groups. In the fourth and final stage, all individuals other than the first three groups will be vaccinated.

Turkey announced that the free vaccine will be from China.

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