Things to Know When Buying New and Used Motorcycles

Pandemic Explodes Motorcycle Sales
Pandemic Explodes Motorcycle Sales

Motorcycle means more than just a means of transport for many people. It points to a unique lifestyle with the sense of freedom it gives. For this reason, many people get excited to buy a motorcycle and save money.

You have prepared enough money by choosing your vehicle for motorcycle. Now, all that remains is to know the points to consider when buying a motorcycle. For example, should you buy a new motorcycle or a second hand? We've reviewed both cases and more for you.

So let's start exploring the things you need to know for a driving pleasure like your dreams!

Things to Consider When Buying a Zero Motorcycle

When buying a brand new motorcycle, it is generally thought that all parts are tested from the factory and come to perfection. Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time. Many motorcycle manufacturers separate and ship motorcycle parts to reduce logistics and transportation costs. Various mistakes can also be made when assembling parts at authorized dealers. For this reason, it is always useful to test the motorcycle. Apart from that, the points you need to pay attention to are as follows:

1.Look at the Handlebars and Mirrors First

When buying a brand new motorcycle, you should first check the handlebars and mirrors. If the handlebar remains stable when it is loaded, it means it has been mounted correctly.

Mirrors are very sensitive. Mirrors that are not fitted correctly begin to rotate even with a slight jolt. This is extremely dangerous for motorcycle travel. For this reason, be sure to check if the mirrors are moving while buying a motorcycle.

2.Must Check Manets
Don't miss out on checking the manuettes of the motorcycle after the handlebars and mirrors. For example, when you pull the clutch sleeve on models with wire clutch, you should see that the plate separates and the plate goes back when you release it.

While checking the brake sleeves, you should check whether the wheels stop when you rotate the wheels and squeeze the brake without starting the engine. After these operations, you can start purchasing after checking the headlights, horn, front and rear signals.

Things to Consider When Buying a Second Hand Motorcycle

If you have decided to buy a second hand motorcycle for various reasons, you should definitely check some points just like in new vehicles. For used motorcycles, the primary details you should look for should be license and maintenance records. Because you can use the motorcycle that has been properly maintained for many years. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the following points when buying a second hand motorcycle:

1. SBM Registration and Inspection Records

The record of the motorcycle SBM (Insurance Information and Monitoring Center), formerly TRAMER, is very important for you to see past maintenance and damage details. You can query TRAMER and examine the records in a very practical way. Write DETAIL, leave a space and write the license plate of the motorcycle, and send it to 5664 as an SMS, you can see these details, learn the mileage and damage details of the motorcycle.

2. Control of Chassis and Chassis Attached Elements

In second-hand motorcycles, the chassis and components connected to the chassis must also be checked. For this check, we recommend that you check whether the chassis is painted after getting the approval of an expert. Paint on the chassis is questionable. Also, don't forget to look at large metal pieces and check if they have been painted.

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