Second Underground Lathe from Dirinler to Istanbul Metro

Second underground lathe from dirin to istanbul metro
Second underground lathe from dirin to istanbul metro

Dirinler has introduced the Underground Wheel Lathe, which revolutionized rail system wheel maintenance, to Istanbul Metro for the second time.

Dirinler has presented the Underground Wheel Lathe to the Istanbul Metro. Making a statement on the subject, Dirinler Makina Chairman of the Board Mustafa Rebil Dirin said, “During the pandemic period, spare parts and service were restricted all over the world. In this period when the global industry was going through difficult times, we gave more importance to domestic and national production. A wagon was turned over in a very short time with an underground lathe. The rail system was commissioned after the controls were made. This system, which minimizes the costs such as loss of passengers and workers due to the suspension of the train from the trip, has been offered to the use of Istanbul Metro for the second time. "It is necessary to process more, produce better and work harder in order to overcome this period of power with the least damage."


Dirin concluded his speech with the following words: “We are the only company that produces Underground Lathe in Turkey. As a national company, we worked non-stop for this system, which is sold very expensive in the international market. In a short time, we took Turkey to the next level in this competition. Every first we realize reveals the success of Dirinler in engineering. There is nothing Turkish engineers, technicians and technicians cannot do. "



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