Overwatch Winter's Tale 2020 Now Available

overwatch winter's tale is now in play
overwatch winter's tale is now in play

It is time to freeze the good memories of this year and hug our friends, family and teammates!

Winter's Tale 2020 event kicks off on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch! Brand new awards are waiting for you this year. So don't forget to log into the game between December 15 and January 5 to bring the new year to your cosmetics collection.

NEW BATTLE: 4v4 Unfold Battle

  • In addition to Mei's Snowball Battle, Yeti Hunt and Snowball Deathmatch, players will also be able to play the new 4v4 battle Unfold Battle!
  • The team that freezes the opponent completely wins in this new game mode.
  • Players will normally freeze when they die.
  • Teammates will be able to interact with the frozen player to solve him.


  • Weekly Quests are returning with the Winter Tale event. By winning nine games, you can win prizes that will be here for a limited time.
  • Player icons, sprays, and epic costumes are among the rewards you can win!
    1. Week 1: Cin Junkrat (Epic)
    2. Week 2: Gingerbread Master (Epic)
    3. Week 3: Icy Roadhog (Epic)


  • 5 legendary costumes
    1. Conductor Reinhardt
    2. Penguin Mei
    3. Ice Empress Moira
    4. Toy Robot Zenyatta
    5. Lumberjack Torbjorn
  • 3 epic costumes
  • Player icons, sprays

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