How to Become a Pilot? What Are The Features Required To Be A Pilot?

How to become a pilot what are the required features to be a pilot
How to become a pilot what are the required features to be a pilot

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Hundreds of different countries, interesting cultures, the opportunity to meet many new people speaking different languages ​​and a good salary… Some of them have always dreams of the sky. If your dreams exceed limits and reach the sky, piloting may be the most suitable profession for you. In this article, we have compiled the curiosities about piloting, which is among the popular professions with plenty of travel and good earning opportunities, the features that must be had in order to be a pilot and how to follow.

Required Features to Become a Pilot

Your foreign language should be at a good level: First of all, you will have to pass many tough English tests in exams. When you decide to become a pilot and start training, it is imperative that you have a good level of English. An alternative such as learning a language during education is unfortunately not valid for this profession. Because it is not possible to achieve the expected success in exams with an intermediate level of English.

Piloting requires interacting with completely different cultures as a profession. To communicate well, you must be able to speak English in the best possible way. Although the global language is English, we recommend that you learn not only this language but also different languages.

You must constantly improve yourself: Piloting is not a profession that can be done as a whim. Since your profession will become your lifestyle, you should really love this job and constantly improve yourself. You should constantly update the technical equipment you will acquire during the training and follow the innovations closely. In addition, it is very important that you have strong communication with people. Piloting is not limited to using the plane well. In a crisis, you need to be a good stress manager to be able to calm passengers and dispel panic. Do not forget that your attitudes will serve as an example for the entire team and passengers in times of crisis.

You should also get the necessary information about different cultures. Especially knowing the courtesy rules of different countries and mastering the country values ​​will ensure the smooth progress of the relations you will establish.

You must be able to learn quickly: We mentioned that piloting training covers difficult processes. Piloting; It is a profession that requires strong memory and fast learning skills at every stage from knowing the locations of the panels in the cockpit to communicating with the tower.

Also; pilots must be familiar with multiple subjects during take-off, landing and flight. It is essential to be able to manage the aircraft systematically and stay in touch with the tower at the same time. In addition, the pilot should always be on the alert against possible crisis possibilities.
Discipline in piloting is a lifestyle.

Piloting is a profession that requires you to be punctual in all aspects of your life. Punctuality is actually a characteristic of disciplined people. Discipline, dedication and responsibility are indispensable for piloting.

If you have problems with time management and have decided to become a pilot, we recommend that you discipline yourself on this issue immediately.

You should allocate a good budget for pilot training: The pilot training process is very costly. The training you need to take and the exams you have to take to become a pilot can be equivalent to a small fortune. If you are really committed to this profession, we recommend that you start creating the financial conditions. At this point, many students evaluate loan options or make serious savings for a long time.

How to Become a Pilot?

If you think you have the personal qualities required to become a pilot and are confident in doing this profession, there are some qualities you need to have to become a pilot.

  • First of all, you must be a Turkish citizen and a graduate.
  • Your English as a foreign language must be at a good level. Your English level will be tested as part of the application exams.
  • Male candidates should not be shorter than 1.65 cm and female candidates should not be shorter than 1.60 cm and should not be longer than 1.95 cm.
  • Male candidates must have completed their military service or have been postponed for 2 years as of the starting date of training.
  • For health evaluation, a health examination should be performed at hospitals authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.
  • Finally, you must not have a criminal record for your pilot application.

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