Myths About Multivitamins

Known misconceptions about multivitamins
Known misconceptions about multivitamins

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I am already eating my fruit, vegetable, egg, what do you need to take a multivitamin… I am already drinking vitamin C, I have an iron injection when I feel very tired. And multi-vitamins increase the appetite, whether I should gain weight out of nowhere… ”You've certainly heard these and similar words, maybe you did. Well, how many of these thoughts are correct and how many are wrong ... Pharmacist Ayşen Dincer, who points out the wrong known mistakes about vitamins and minerals, emphasizes that the minerals the body needs will be taken from the right diet and vitamins, emphasizing that multi-vitamins do not have a weight-gaining effect and the importance of balancing the resulting energy increase .

Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for us to live a healthier life ... Vitamins and minerals are effective from strengthening the immune system to our hair health, from blood production to removing toxins from our body and even protecting our mental health ... For example, vitamin D deficiency can lead to fatigue, cramps, heart diseases and romance. Forgetfulness, focus problems, mouth sores, heart palpitations in B12 deficiency; In case of iron deficiency, problems such as joint pain, hair loss, headaches, depression, insomnia can occur. It is possible to increase such examples… For this reason, we need to take the vitamins and minerals our body needs daily and regularly. So regular and adequate nutrition is a must!

Turkey Nutrition and Health Survey data on food consumption, especially compared to the attention of vitamin and mineral intakes in significant failure Pharm. Ayşen Dincer points out that even when we consume essentials such as fiber-based foods, protein-rich foods, milk and dairy products, we find it difficult to get the vitamins and minerals we need daily. This situation reveals the need for vitamin and mineral support.

So how do we buy so many vitamins and minerals one by one and adjust their amount? Pharm. Ayşen Dincer answers this question as follows: “Vitamin and mineral needs of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly are different. Moreover, this also varies by gender. For example, a pregnant woman's need for iron is not the same as a man's. For this reason, he should choose vitamin and mineral supplements according to gender, age and needs. Since most of us do not know this, we take vitamins with hearsay information, at the suggestion of our neighbor, our friend. Sometimes, because of this, we can use a vitamin that does not meet our needs at the wrong times and doses. However, it is more appropriate to use vitamins prepared in appropriate doses for age and gender, instead of choosing single and high doses while taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Just as you do not consume only spinach, meat or only yoghurt for a day, if you eat mixed foods on your table; It is important that the supplements you use contain mixed and multiple content according to your needs. "

When we use multivitamins, we can get enough vitamins and minerals we need daily. This makes us feel more vigorous, healthy, that is, better. Many people say, “I don't need it anymore. He can stop using it after consuming one or two cans of multivitamins thinking that he is fine. Pharm. Aysen Dincer underlines that this is a very wrong thought and points out that our body always needs these vitamins and minerals. Dincer said, “The World Health Organization recommends that we consume at least 2.5 liters of water every day, take 10 thousand steps, consume 5-9 portions of vegetables and fruits a day, sleep more than 7 hours a day, consume no more than 3 alcohol a week and do not smoke. He does not say to do this for 3 months and then take a break. The same goes for a multivitamin that you can use for your needs. These supplements should be taken for life. But you have to be very careful when choosing it. "Be careful to choose products from reliable brands that do not contain preservatives, gluten, yeast, and contain doses specific to your gender and needs."

There are also misconceptions in the society that continuous multivitamin use is unnecessary, weight gain, and taking too much supplements are harmful. Pharm. Aysen Dincer points out that nutritional risks are the second risk factor shortening life after smoking worldwide. If everyone could get the required dose of vitamins and minerals from food, such a risk would not exist. Dincer's response to the belief that multivitamins make weight is as follows: “No, multivitamins do not cause weight gain. If you have just started using a multivitamin, you will see an effect that you interpret as an increase in appetite but in fact, an increase in energy in the first 2 weeks. This is proof that your vitamin and mineral reserves are low in your body. Therefore, be patient for 2-2 weeks and do not change your eating habits. Then you will see that everything is in order. The only exception here is products from brands that contain very high doses of vitamin B Complex. Instead of using them, you can spend this process more comfortably by using a multivitamin tailored to your age, gender and needs. ''

More than one multivitamin is not used at the same time. So how correct is that? Pharm. Aysen Dincer says the following on this subject: If the multivitamin you are taking is in the right formula, you do not need to take more than one mutltivitamin at the same time. However, vitamin C should be taken separately at 1000 mg per day and Vitamin D at a minimum of 1000 units per day. The doses of vitamin C and D you take in multivitamins will not be enough. "

"Is it harmful to consume alcohol or cigarettes while taking vitamins?" He answers the question as follows: “Alcohol and cigarettes are substances that pose many risks for our health and we should not use… The multivitamin you take is also important in meeting what alcohol and cigarettes consume in your body. So do not stop using multivitamins, but I suggest you do your best to quit alcohol and smoking. "

There are many multivitamins and vitamins on the market. Many people consider the expensive vitamin to be the best. Is it really the most expensive vitamin the best? Pharm. Ayşen Dincer points out that we fall into this error not only for vitamins but also for many issues. Dincer says “The important thing is not the price but the content that can meet your daily needs”. When choosing vitamins, I suggest you look at the company and how long they have produced vitamins. All the information is now available on the Internet. Especially after the pandemic, many companies and brands have sprung up. When I say I will support your body here, do not hurt and prefer companies that have been producing vitamins for many years. ''

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