Motivation Suggestions for Covid-19 Patients and Their Relatives

Motivation Suggestions for Covid Patients and Relatives
Motivation Suggestions for Covid Patients and Relatives

The pandemic process can lead to an increase in psychological problems, anxiety and stress levels in the society, and disruption of individuals' communication with their social environment.

The pandemic process can lead to an increase in psychological problems, anxiety and stress levels in the society, and disruption of individuals' communication with their social environment. Studies reveal that uncertainty about the disease poses a high risk, especially in people who are vulnerable to stress. In such a period when stress and anxiety increase, the motivation of corona positive individuals is of great importance in terms of mild illness. Because in case of anxiety and sadness, the immune system weakens, the person's ability to fight the disease may decrease. Clinical Psychologist Arzu Beyribey from the Psychology Department of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital made important suggestions to minimize the anxiety and stress levels of covid-19 patients and their relatives.

Outbreaks trigger anxiety

People who can tolerate the least uncertainty experience more anxiety during outbreaks than other individuals. Studies conducted on the Ebola virus epidemic, previously discovered in Sierra Leone, revealed that a large number of people experienced mental and psycho-social problems. Likewise, in 2009, in the H1N1 influenza epidemic, pain and fatigue symptoms called somatoforms, which are not due to a physical cause, were encountered.

We are in a time when relationships need generosity the most

The most important problems experienced by the person in isolation; It spreads to a wide variety of areas such as having difficulty in accepting the situation they live in, staying away from their loved ones, fear of more negative health conditions and risks such as being unemployed, and facing the risks of depression and anxiety. The relatives' understanding of corona-positive individuals and acting by thinking “how they would want to be treated” will support the individual's mood disorder if they are in their position. It should not be forgotten that the pandemic process is one of the periods in which relationships need generosity the most. The coronavirus caught the person can turn to suitable hobby activities that he / she can do in his / her room, meditate, organize exercises, keep in touch with their relatives, share their feelings and thoughts, share their feelings and thoughts, use social media to watch documentaries and entertainment programs that will relax themselves, quarantine days are much more comfortable. will be able to support the transition.

Those who live alone are affected more negatively

The luckiest ones among those who are infected with the virus and test positive (+) are actually those who live at home with their family or with individuals sharing the same house. Because it is known that people who live the quarantine process alone at home have more concerns. The infected person may experience physiological problems such as fever, low energy, joint pain, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, cough, sore throat. In addition to these, the level of anxiety inevitably increases in individuals who undergo that process alone. Because it is a social being in terms of human nature. The advent of social isolation following physical isolation can make the individual difficult. A person who is already worried about life has to isolate himself from people for a period of 10-14 days while eating it alone in a room, including his / her food. Since the individuals in the society have the sense of confidence that collective life will bring them throughout history, this distance can have negative effects on the person. If the “corona positive” individual who isolates himself and prepares for disaster scenarios cannot provide sufficient safe space by himself and his family; With the risk of irritability, impulsive reactions, psychosis or paranoid tendencies, he may show behaviors of incorporating facts about the epidemic into his delusional thoughts. Here, the most meaningful perspective that will support the person is to make the patient feel that the health of himself and his loved ones is under guarantee.

It should not be forgotten that there is always the risk of accident and death in life, including traffic.

The corona-positive individual should not forget that many people like him experience these conditions and many of them survive with health. It will be beneficial to leave the herd psychology and focus on how we can achieve a truly positive and healthy adaptation by staying with ourselves for a minute, instead of reacting to the reactions we see around us. Using the reasoning side of our brain, we need to master our impulsive thoughts and remind ourselves that there is always the risk of accidents and deaths in life, including traffic, but we are always aware of the dangers in life, but every problem has a solution. You will observe that you feel better when you take the time to focus on your interests, which you have been interested in for a long time, but which you have not had the opportunity to do out of time. In order to prevent material and spiritual problems and to protect mental health, it will be beneficial to increase awareness of the epidemic, pay attention to hygiene and social distance, not to share negatively with those around us, get psychologist support when necessary, and provide information to children in a calm and appropriate manner.

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