Mersin Metropolitan Will Spend 2021 Million Lira For Transportation Projects In 151

mersin will spend million lira on transportation projects in its big city
mersin will spend million lira on transportation projects in its big city

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continues its transportation services in 13 districts from Tarsus to Anamur without slowing down. Continuing to create a modern and regular transportation network with traffic regulation and transportation routes investments in 2020 under the leadership of Mayor Vahap Seçer, the Metropolitan has spent a total of 12 million 792 thousand lira for its projects completed in transportation services so far. Stating that the total cost of the ongoing projects in transportation is 158 million 314 thousand TL, Mayor Seçer said, "The share we allocated to our transportation projects in 2021 is around 151 million TL."

Investments made to improve public transportation in 2020

While investing in transportation, the Metropolitan directed its studies in line with the demands from citizens and mukhtars. 3 new stops with an investment cost of 299 million 870 thousand 600 liras were placed at necessary points throughout the city. Remote control system (NVR) was installed on 277 buses. According to statistics, a total of 7 'Smart Stop Systems' were installed, 9 to Toroslar, 22 to the Mediterranean, 13 to Yenişehir and 51 to Mezitli. The investment cost of the system in active use was 5 million 999 thousand 745 Turkish Liras.

The metropolitan established 4 traffic signaling systems throughout the city and placed 7 vertical markings (signs) throughout the province. The teams installed a dynamic intersection control system in central districts. Metropolitan spent 844 million 2020 thousand 12 lira for transportation services investments completed in 792.

Ongoing traffic regulation and transportation investments

The Metropolitan Municipality had a tender for the purchase of 150 CNG-fueled environmentally friendly buses with an investment cost of 948 million 73 thousand TL and signed a contract on 22.10.2020. A total of 63 CNG fueled buses, 12 10-meter solo and 18 73-meter articulated buses, will be delivered to Büyükşehir on 19.05.2021.

Speaking about the ongoing projects, the bicycle path and pavement arrangement works, Mayor Seçer said, “Our 2020 ongoing projects are bicycle path and pavement arrangement of 18 thousand 217 meters. It starts from Mezitli and continues until the train station. We realized the tender for this and it was completed by the end of November. Legal process is currently underway. "It's a 4 million lira project."

The second tender will be made for the metro line

Construction of a 13,4 kilometer Rail System, covering the area between Mezitli district of Mersin and the Akdeniz district Train Station, the urban HRS Metro Line consisting of 11 stations, underground parking and transfer structures and other structures within the area, installation and commissioning of the whole system. The tender for the construction of Mezitli - January 3 Light Rail System Metro Line was held, the process continues. Informing about the process, President Seçer said, “We made our first tender for the rail system. The process continues. We hope that our 13.4 km long underground light rail system project will be a second tender, which we plan to start manufacturing in a short time. "In total, the total of our ongoing transportation projects, excluding the metro, is 158 million 314 thousand TL."

Concept stops are made

Büyükşehir first placed its demo concept stops in Mersin University Çiftlikköy Campus, Yenişehir District Adese stop and Tarsus. The teams will make 13 more functional stops in the central districts and Tarsus, which have the specific characteristics of the regions where the schools are located and adapt to the region. The total cost of the concept stops will be 355 million TL.

Transport services will advance rapidly in 2021

Metropolitan will make a 'Bicycle Master Plan' for the first time in 2021 in order to increase the bicycle and pedestrian roads in Mersin, to encourage the citizens to travel with safer bicycle paths instead of individual vehicles, and to encourage the use of bicycles in order to create an alternative travel mode in transportation. In the plan to be made, smart and sustainable bicycle paths, shared and non-shared smart bicycle stations will be implemented, all for transportation purposes. In line with the studies, it is aimed to construct a total of 2021 km of bicycle paths, 4 km to Tarsus and 30 km to the center, 50 km of which are cultural cycling routes.

Mersin Transportation Master Plan is being prepared for 2021

Mersin Transportation Master Plan is prepared, it is aimed to present permanent solutions, to analyze the transportation and traffic problems experienced today and expected to occur in the future, taking into account the upper and lower scale plan decisions of the city and in coordination. The transportation and traffic technical infrastructure of Mersin, the public transportation system and its operation, prioritizing environmentally friendly modes of transport such as pedestrians / bicycles, and producing solutions that prioritize not vehicle-oriented but human-oriented transportation systems are also included in the transportation master plan. In parallel, the integration of public transport and intermediate public transport types, the arrangement of the stop and terminal areas, the planning of various transport types, including private transport, in a way that they do not compete with each other and complement each other, are aimed to be planned and transfer possibilities are developed.

Regional intersection projects are planned throughout the province

Metropolitan will consider the logistics aspects in Mersin Port and Organized Industrial Zones, and will conduct a study that will address traffic and transportation and include suitable solutions for these corridors. In the Transportation Master Plan, which will start in 2021, traffic problems will be solved quickly with regional intersection projects throughout the province, including districts. In this context, the traffic congestion problem experienced by citizens throughout the province will be eliminated with geometric arrangements based on main arteries and corridors.

500 more stops will be placed

500 more stops will be made at the points determined throughout the city, taking into account the requests from citizens and mukhtars. 50 taxi stands will be placed in the central districts. Metropolitan teams will make line optimization in order to make the public transportation system more efficient.

Plate management system studies will continue

For the purpose of processing, displaying and managing traffic arrangements, danger warning, parking, construction repair, led construction, information and solar-powered signs to various places within the borders of the metropolitan adjacent area, integrated with the sign management system with the map-based web module and in addition to the android, IOS application. the system is planning to be installed. In addition, a 'Remote Controlled Intersection System' will be established in the center, Tarsus, Silifke and Anamur districts to regulate the traffic flow.

In addition, Metropolitan plans to establish an "Electronic Supervision System" in the city center in order to control traffic flow and optimize transportation. Horizontal and vertical markings will be made in order to regulate traffic and prevent possible accidents.

Filling facility will be built for environmentally friendly buses

Metropolitan will build a filling facility for 2021 natural gas powered buses to be delivered in 73. Giving information about the facility to be built in Toroslar District, Mayor Seçer said, “We had a 40 million lira campus project that we started this year. We will build a filling facility only for CNG vehicles. And this cost us 7 million 385 thousand TL ”.

"The share we allocated to our transportation projects in 2021 is 151 million"

Mayor Seçer stated that consultancy service will be taken for the drawing of additional lines to the rail system line, the project of which is drawn, and said:

“We had a prequalification tender for the rail system. I hope it is a project that we will start in 2021. Of course, this will also be a consultancy service. We have allocated a budget for this. In total, for some of our expenses in 2021, pleasantly we will make this investment with a loan. 4 plus 2 years of manufacturing time, plus 11 years of payment. If we make a site delivery today, there will be a payment plan that we will complete in 15 years. However, the part that will cost us outside the scope of this loan in the next year is estimated to be around 30 million TL. In total, the share we allocated to our transportation projects in 2021 is around 151 million TL. "

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