What is a Machinist, What Does he Do? How to Become a Machinist? Machinist Conditions, Salaries and Job Opportunities

Who is a machinist, how to be a machinist
Who is a machinist, how to be a machinist

The mechanic is a driver of electric, diesel or steam railway locomotives carrying passengers or cargo. High Speed ​​Train YHT mechanics have to get a more special training. The driver manages the train during the journey and all responsibility belongs to the driver.

What Does a Machinist Do?

Drivers ensure safe use of trains. They take an active role in a safe transportation service. They are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the passengers and the journey during the train voyage. Using trains that carry intercity freight, drivers ensure that those loads are delivered reliably. On the other hand, drivers using passenger trains ensure that passengers get off safely by stopping at the stops where the passengers will get off during the journey. The drivers successfully solve the malfunctions and problems that occur in trains during the journey.

How to Become a Machinist?

In order to become a mechanic, it is necessary to get the necessary training first. Universities are required to complete associate degree programs such as Electronics Technology, Machinery, Rail Systems Machinist, Rail Systems Electric Electronic Technology, Rail Systems Machinery Technology and Automotive Technology.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) who want to take part, participate in in-service training programs. The conditions required for those who want to participate in the training are as follows:

  •  Not exceeding the age of 35,
  •  To graduate from related associate degree programs,
  •  To get 93 or more points from the Public Personnel Selection Exam P60 score type (Associate Degree),
  •  To have a healthy sight and hearing,
  •  No military obligation for male candidates, having completed, suspended or exempted from military service.

Machinist's Duties

  • To report the disruptions that occur during the journey,
  • To make necessary repairs in case of a breakdown during the journey, to discharge passengers or cargo if repairs cannot be made
  • To keep the train warm in cold weather conditions,
  • To pay attention and attention to energy saving,
  • Checking that the train security systems are working,
  • Ensuring that all equipment quality complies with specifications,
  • Ensuring proper care and use of hand tools,
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as hearing and eye protection,
  • To act in accordance with work safety procedures.

Machinist Tools and Materials Used

  • Locomotive (Steam, Diesel, Electric, Diesel-Electric),
  • Radio,
  • Motion models,
  • Screwdrivers, pliers, key sets, various tools,
  • Occurrence book (the book in which problems arise).

Machinist Features Required by the Profession

Those who want to be a mechanic;

  • Not having any hearing problems,
  • Not having an eye defect that prevents distinguishing colors,
  • To make fast and effective decisions,
  • Having technical knowledge to use electrical tools, equipment and measuring instruments,
  • To be able to demonstrate the physical ability to stand or walk continuously.

Working Environment and Conditions of Machinists

The mechanics are obliged to travel because they work in the area of ​​railway transportation. The mechanics must be at work during the day, at the weekend or at the festivities and to sit down and manage the locomotive. In rare cases, train accidents may occur. The dispatcher is in communication with the train chief, the switchman and the locomotive employees.

Machinist Working Areas and Job Opportunities

Professionals can work mainly in Turkish State Railways and sugar factories, iron and steel factories and in-city rail passenger transport. The increasing population brings along the problem of mass transport. One of the most economical and safe means of mass transportation is the train. In our country, freight or passenger transportation by rail is not at the desired level. Since railway transportation is very important for the development of a country, it is a necessity to make important attacks in this field in our country. The development and modernization of railways means that more mechanics work at the same time.

Machinist Places of Education

The training of the mechanic profession is provided in the in-service training centers affiliated to the General Directorate of TCDD. In addition, graduates of industry vocational high schools are trained with in-service training.

Machinist Training Period and Content

Training of the mechanic profession at the General Directorate of TCDD; 18 for TCDD Vocational High School graduate is 3 year for industrial vocational high school graduates. Those who have graduated from Industrial Vocational High School and who have passed the examination of the assistant mechanic opened by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) have the opportunity to become a mechanic by participating in in-service training and courses. In order to do this, 3 month internship study is carried out until the theoretical work, as well as the driver's license as an assistant engineer. At the end of the internship, those who are successful in the examination will be given the license of the engineer.

Progress in the Machinist Profession

The graduates of the newly graduated TCDD Vocational High School and the industrial vocational high school graduates who are taken by the open exams start their jobs as assistant mechanics. After a period of in-service training, they receive the title of mechanic. Those who receive a diploma (Brove) as a mechanist can continue as a master engineer.

How Much Is Machinist Salary?

In the in-service training conducted within the body of TCDD General Directorate, a monthly fee is paid for the degree and grade stipulated by the Civil Servants Law No. 657 for vocational high school graduates. Machinist salaries vary depending on the seniority of the employees, whether their spouse works, the number of children, and whether their children are under 6 years of age. In 2020, they receive an average of 3 thousand 550 TL of salary. On the other hand, assistant machinists who are married and have children receive an average salary of 4 thousand 350 TL.


  1. If the mechanic loves his job, institution and travel, there is no difficulty. It has an advantage for the single. His mind is on the road with his eyes on the signal, he has no doubts about the safety of the train. Because the wagon technicians have checked the whole series and allowed the road, these technicians are successful, self-sacrificing, diligent heroes like machinists.

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