Coronavirus Vaccine Does Not Protect Alone, Precautions Must Continue

coronavirus vaccine alone does not protect measures must continue
coronavirus vaccine alone does not protect measures must continue

After the severe consequences of the pandemic, the whole world is waiting for the completion and implementation of vaccination studies. Stating that the vaccine will be applied primarily to those who have never met the virus, experts say that the vaccine should not be seen as the only protective factor and that the measures taken to date should continue. Experts predicting that the use of masks can be stopped in the summer of 2021, even if the vaccine is administered, especially social distance and regular hand washing measures are continued.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Dr. Songül Özer made evaluations about the vaccine, which is a hope for the pandemic.

Vaccine is the creation of cell response against bacteria or virus.

Dr. Songül Özer stated that the vaccine was developed in order to strengthen the immune system of the body against a bacterium or virus and said, “The vaccine is the administration of the microorganisms that are desired to produce antibodies against it in the body, their disease-causing effects and their power to cause disease, that is, their harmful or weakened state. Thus, it means providing the necessary immunity and establishing the cell response by stimulating the necessary antibody response, that is, the immune system, ”he said.

Vaccine introduces bacteria or virus to body

Noting that with the vaccine, the body is weakened or stimulated with microorganisms that do not have the power to cause disease, Dr. Songül Özer stated that the vaccine, in a sense, introduces that bacterium or virus to the body and said, “You are introducing this virus or bacteria to the body's memory cells. One day, when the truth of this bacterium or the truth of this virus, that is, the one with the ability to cause disease, enters the human body, the body can respond faster because it recognizes it from the previous vaccine study, and it takes time to release antibodies that can kill it completely, on the virus or bacterium as soon as possible. kazanit's getting worse. In fact, vaccination is the process of introducing the weak state of the disease-causing bacteria or virus to the body.

Why should we get the vaccine?

Stating that vaccination is important in the treatment of epidemic diseases, Dr. Songül Özer said, “There are some soldiers in our body, that is, in our immune system. "We have to introduce this enemy, that is, the weakness of the bacteria or virus, to these soldiers, so that when the stronger comes, we will be prepared when the disease-causing microorganism comes into the body."

The number of infections is expected to decrease in the spring

Expressing that many scientists have stated their predictions about how long the coronavirus will remain in our lives, Özer said, “Covid-19 infection will be with us for a while. We will continue to live with the coronavirus infection in 2021. At the first stage, the Biontech company stated that it could offer the vaccine it produced in December to the world and initiate it. Suppose vaccination studies begin in mid-December. Considering that the second doses are also made in January, we expect the number of coronavirus infections to decrease in February, March or spring on average.

Even if vaccinated, measures should be continued

Dr. Songül Özer, saying that the only positive factor about coronavirus will not be vaccination, continued as follows:

“The vaccine will only increase our strength. Vaccination will never be the only protective factor we have against coronavirus. Let's talk about what we have implemented since the past. For example, we know that hepatitis B is transmitted sexually and through blood. There is a vaccine for this and we have it. However, getting hepatitis B vaccine does not mean that blood can be given to the desired person or blood can be taken without testing, and unprotected sexual intercourse can be established by considering that it is protected against sexually transmitted diseases. We know that that vaccine does not protect 100 percent. The same will be true for the coronavirus vaccine. People say, 'I got the vaccine, I'm protected forever. I will not need to wear a mask, wash my hands, and keep an eye on my distance '. Even in the most successful vaccine in the world, there is a percentage of no protection. "

Use of masks may be dropped next summer

Saying that he thinks that if everything goes well, the use of masks in the summer of 2021 may be discontinued, Özer said, “However, even if we stop using masks, we must continue to pay attention to our distance. Unfortunately, it will take 3-4 years for us to return to the old normal. We will pay attention to our distance, we will not hold crowded parties or crowded meetings. Ten or twenty people will not be together, even if we are together, we will pay attention to our distance as soon as we sit. We will have to put a distance of 1 - 1.5 meters between us. Of course, we will always wash our hands because we are not washing our hands just to protect them from coronavirus infection. "We will continue to wash our hands all the time in order to get rid of many bacteria and viruses that exist around us, to prevent them from infecting us and not to infect other people."

Priority in vaccination will be given to those who have not met the virus

Stating that vaccination of people who survived Covid -19 is a controversial issue, Özer completed his words as follows:

“In order to be vaccinated, first the antibody level, ie immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g, must be negative in people who have had coronavirus and have not. We must not have met this virus before. If we have had coronavirus and we have persistent, high levels of immunoglobulin g, ie protective antibodies, in our body, it means we have already been naturally vaccinated. Our body has recognized this microorganism, placed it in memory cells, and now we will think of it as if it was grafted. In the first place, we will do the vaccine to those who have never met this disease, that is, those who have both immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g negative. But there are those who have had Covid-19 but have not increased immunoglobulin g levels in their body. We encountered this situation in some patients. Studies can be made to vaccinate those whose immunoglobulin g has not increased or becomes negative after it is increased. If the person is a person who is in the risk group due to age, environment or profession, there may be a possibility of vaccination in the second stage. "

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