What is Short Work Allowance and How to Get It?

What is the short study and how to use it
What is the short study and how to use it

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In this period when most of us have to work from home, some businesses continue to work, especially small businesses are negatively affected by this situation. In this period when the economy is getting worse, short-time working allowance is a savior for businesses.

What is Short Work Allowance?

In case of a temporary reduction of at least one-third of the weekly working hours at the workplace due to general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or force majeure, or if the workplace is stopped for at least four weeks without the condition of continuity, income support to the insured for the period not exceeding three months in the workplace. is an application that provides. (İŞKUR)

How to use the short study option

In order for you to apply for Short Work Allowance;

  • Short Work Request Form is filled.
  • The Short Work Worker List is filled.
  • It is sent to your İŞKUR e-mail address.
  • Your İŞKUR representative will return to you by e-mail and inform you about your deficiencies.

Short Work Allowance Prerequisites

  • Do not write your retired employees, ie SGDP employees, to the list of workers included in the Short Work Allowance application documents.
  • Whether the employees deserve the Short Work allowance and the control of 3 days to the last 450 days in 60 years and the suitability of the worker will be checked by İŞKUR at the time of payment, and the payment will be made according to the result of this control.
  • The last 60 days of the worker who is entitled to the Short Work Allowance may also consist of a combination of their work in different workplaces without interruption.
  • It is mandatory to include the address / telephone information of the workers on the Short Work Worker Notification list.
  • External reasons for the Short Work Allowance application should be selected as COVID-19.
  • If your workplace has been closed within the scope of prohibition, if the CORPORATE letter was closed with the decision not to work due to COVID -19, the decision of the board of directors (employer cover letter for private companies), tax plate, employee list, request form must be present.
  • Branches of workplaces applying for Short Work Allowance; The branch must apply to İŞKUR, to which their address is affiliated, with their İŞKUR number.
  • Having SSI or Tax debt does not prevent the employer from receiving this allowance.
  • In the Short Work Allowance application, priority will be given to the workplaces closed with the statement made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and there is no workplace and business sector restriction.
  • Workplaces applying for Short Work Allowance must not work in any way contrary to the declaration.
  • Daily short work allowance to be paid to the workers of the workplaces whose Short Work Allowance application has been completed in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of İŞKUR; It is 60% of the daily average gross earning calculated by taking into account the earnings of the insured for the last twelve months. The amount of short-time work allowance calculated in this way cannot exceed 150% of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage.
  • The short-time work allowance is paid to the worker himself and on a monthly basis on the fifth of each month for periods not worked to complement the weekly working period applied in the workplace. Payments are made through PTT Bank. The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services is authorized to bring the payment date forward.
  • For short working periods, SSI Monthly Premium and Service Certificate and the justification for missing days are notified as "18-Short Work Allowance" on behalf of the workers subjected to short work.
  • The duration of the short work allowance is as long as the short working period, provided that it does not exceed three months.
  • In case of short work in the workplace for compelling reasons, the payments will start after the one-week period stipulated in Article 4857 (III) and Article 24 of Law No. 40. Within this one week period, the wage and premium obligations belong to the employer.

The employer requesting short work on the grounds that it is adversely affected by Corona virus (covid-19); with evidence of this  Short Work Request Form s List of Workers for Short Work İŞKUR unit to which it is affiliated e-mail addresscan apply for short work by sending an e-mail.

In order for the applications to be concluded quickly, it is important to attach the documents that constitute the basis for the negative impact of corona virus (covid-19) to the application. If necessary, additional documents can be requested by contacting the employer. Employers will be notified of the receipt of the application in the same way as soon as possible and the applications will be sent to the Directorate of Guidance and Inspection in order to determine the eligibility.

In order to benefit from the short work practice, the employer should not be dismissed by the employer for reasons other than the reasons specified in sub-clause (II) of the first paragraph of Article 4857 of the Labor Law numbered 25 in the period of short work in the workplace.

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