Criminal Report for Karasu Adapazarı Railway Line!

Criminal announcement for Karasu Adapazari railway line
Criminal announcement for Karasu Adapazari railway line

United Transport Workers Union “The state has only suffered at least 500 million TL for now! There is a huge nothing in the construction of Karasu-Adapazarı railway infrastructure "

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) filed a criminal complaint on the grounds that the progress payment up to 3 times the tender price was made on the Karasu-Adapazarı railway line and the public was harmed, according to the reports of the TCA.

The press release of BTS at the Istanbul Kartal Anadolu Courthouse is as follows; ” As it is known, on 02 November 2010, 73 km., which will provide the connection between the railway line between Adapazarı and Arifiye and the existing port and industrial facilities in Sakarya/Karasu. long "Adapazarı-Karasu Ports and Industrial Facilities Railway Connection Infrastructure Construction" was tendered, and on April 05, 2011, the tender was awarded for a price of approximately 320 million TL. kazanA contract was signed with the company.

In the past 10 years, in the audits made by the Court of Accounts; many irregularities, practices contrary to the legislation, damaging the public and unlawful progress payments up to 3 times the tender price. Many things have been reported, and these issues were noted in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 TCA reports.

Especially in the 2019 Court of Accounts report; “As a result of the final progress payment and final judicial decisions numbered 24.12.2018 issued by the Administration on 11, the contractor was paid approximately 825 million TL, including price differences, but as of the current situation, the ground improvement works could be completed in an area of ​​less than 20 kilometers and It was understood that the physical realization rate of the work could reach only 23% ”.

However, within 20 calendar days since the site delivery was made on 2011 April 750, 73 km. There was a condition that this double-track railway infrastructure construction, which has a length of 320 million TL, be built together with the bridges, viaducts and other art structures on it. However, as stated in the report of the Court of Accounts; Contrary to the public procurement legislation and the contract of the work, this work, which was supposed to be completed in May 2013, was both incomplete and almost 2,5 times above the tender price, and despite so many irregular payments made, only 23% of the work was realized.

In the Court of Account report; "Although it is understood that under normal conditions, it cannot be completed within the contract price or within the legal business increase limits stipulated by the legislation, it is necessary to go to liquidation after the contract price is completed, but it is determined by the Administration that the contractor's business increase is made even after the contract price is completed", and it is clear how the state was damaged by this has been revealed.

Another important determination made by the Court of Accounts is; The fact that "5 out of 4 people in the temporary admission committee is also in the control organization, it is against the legislation and unethical, and this creates serious doubts".

On the other hand, the pillar of the bridge built in Karasu for the railway in question was demolished by the municipality on the grounds that it prevented the traffic, and this was written to the state's loss.

All these irregularities and the issues of harming the state and what happened were reflected in the local and national media again in the past days. Sözcü According to the headline news of the newspaper dated 03 December 2020; He was a candidate for a deputy candidate from AKP, the partner of the firm that won the tender.

Although these news reflected in the press and especially in the reports of the Court of Accounts for the last 3 years, irregularities and crimes of damaging the state have been clearly stated, it has been understood that the prosecutors have not taken any action on the subject and no lawsuit has been filed.

At the same time, it is understood that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which is the first-degree addressee of the issue in terms of “execution”, does not carry out any administrative investigation and does not bring the matter to the judiciary.

It is unacceptable to remain silent, even though the state is visibly damaged and these facts are revealed by the Court of Accounts. For this reason, our union, the United Transport Workers Union (BTS), which is organized on the railways, has filed a criminal complaint as of today, showing social responsibility. We expect the same responsibility and sensitivity from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, especially from the judicial authorities.

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