Japanese legend Suzuki turns 100

japanese legend suzuki yasinda
japanese legend suzuki yasinda

In a world brand with products offered by the group and which is represented by Turkey Suzuki Automotive Trends nature, it is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.

In a world brand with products offered by the group and which is represented by Turkey Suzuki Automotive Trends nature, it is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. It was founded by Michio Suzuki in 1920 and started its activity with weaving looms; Suzuki Motor Corporation, expanding to motorcycles, automobiles, outboard marine engines and ATV vehicles, maintains its place among the most important brands of today with its products and global collaborations. While Suzuki crowns this position with achievements in industry, design, marketing and innovative fields, it continues to sign many innovations that make human life easier and guide technology in its journey to its 100th year. Suzuki also designed a new logo for this special anniversary, within the framework of the celebrations. https://www.globalsuzuki.com/100th/ It reveals its centuries-old journey with its addressed web page.

Turkey Dogan Dogan Holding, which operates under the umbrella of the world represented by the Trend car giant Suzuki brand is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. Suzuki, which has produced products in many branches of the vehicle industry from automobiles to motorcycles, from marine engines to ATV vehicles throughout its history, continues its activities to transfer its accumulation of 100 years to the future. Continuing to make many innovations that facilitate human life and direct technology, Suzuki takes its fans on a century-old journey on the website it has created for this special anniversary. To the site with the special logo of the 100th anniversary of Suzuki's most important milestones https://www.globalsuzuki.com/100th/ can be reached from.

From weaving looms to automobile production

The adventure of Suzuki, which was founded by the Japanese Michio Suzuki and started with the weaving looms, has grown rapidly. Suzuki started its motor vehicle business in 1952 with a two-stroke Power Free 36 cc motorcycle, and in 1954 Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd and started the mini vehicle era in Japan with the two-stroke Suzulight 360 cc, where it went into mass production a year later. Two years after the registration of the today's Suzuki logo in 1958, Suzuki completed its automobile production facility, and completed its first export and truck production facility in this period. Suzuki's first light commercial vehicle was Suzulight Carry, which began production in 2. The small class model Alto, produced in 1961, was among the models that contributed to the growth rate of the brand.

Global integration era

In the 1980s, Suzuki increased its partnerships globally. First, a partnership was established between GM, Isuzu and Suzuki for automobile manufacturing. After Suzuki's legendary model Swift started to be produced as a 1983-door in 3, a 5-door option was added. Vitara, the brand's pioneer model in the small SUV, was introduced in Japan in 1988 as Escudo with a 1,6-liter engine and 4 × 4 drive. By 1990, the Suzuki Motor Corporation years began. Suzuki, which sold 2002 million cars worldwide in 30, signed a partnership with Fiat in 2003.

The 2010s witnessed the ever-expanding cooperation with Toyota. This joint movement, which started in 2016, continued with the opening of Suzuki's factory in Gujarat in India and the signing of a future partnership agreement with Toyota. In 2018, both companies agreed to mutually supply hybrid and other vehicles in India. A year later, a capital partnership agreement was signed.

Pioneering motorcycles at Suzuki

Starting motorcycle production in 1952 with a 2-stroke 36 cc bicycle engine named Power Free, Suzuki introduced the 60 cc Diamond Free engine to the market in 1953. Entering the world of motorsports in the 60's while motorcycle production was continuing, Suzuki won the 50 cc motorcycle class of the Isle of Man TT championship with racer Mitsuo Ito. With models such as the Suzuki GSX 1999R Hayabusa, which broke the speed record in 1300, the brand's motorcycle production exceeded 40 million. The Suzuki motorcycle range continued to expand with the Skywave 2002 from the Burgman series in 650, the e-Let's electric scooter in 2012, the new Katana in 2018 and the V-Strom 2019 in 1050.

The dynamo of the marine engines market

Suzuki, which is among the global names of the marine engine market besides land vehicles, first produced the 1965 HP 5,5-stroke D2 model outboard marine engine in 55. In 2017, the reversing propeller model became the pioneer of the DF350A class, while the S17 won the "Best Fishing Boat" award in the Japan Boat of the Year competition in 2019.

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