A Modern Touch on Izmir's Historic Saints Street

modern touch of Izmir's historic saints street
modern touch of Izmir's historic saints street

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its projects aiming to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and to protect Kemeraltı. Work has begun to transform Azizler Street in Kemeraltı into a modern park. The street will be given a view that adds value to the area with its seating units and landscaping.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is trying to bring a new breath to the historical bazaar and its surroundings with the restoration projects it has carried out in Kemeraltı, started the arrangement works on 920 Street, known as Azizler Street. In the project carried out within the scope of "İzmir History" studies, 920 square meters of the street at the intersection of 257 Street and Eşrefpaşa Street will be arranged as a park in accordance with the historical texture.

Getting to Kemeraltı is easier

Azizler Street, which provides a strong connection to Havra Street and Kemeraltı Bazaar from the periphery of the ancient Smyrna Agora and through the Ikiçeşmelik Street, will become a place where the citizens will have a pleasant time with its green texture. When the works are completed, the pedestrian passage will be provided from Eşrefpaşa Street to Kemeraltı Bazaar, while the effect of 920 Street will increase in access to the Havralar District, one of the most vibrant parts of Kemeraltı. In order to preserve the vitality of the region, the places with high elevation differences will be staged and used as resting and transition areas, and the existing retaining wall will be removed. The work will be completed in February.

The comprehensive improvement work initiated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Havra Street, one of the most important shopping venues of the city with its historical texture and dynamic structure, continues.

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