İzmir's First Nature-Friendly Bus Stop Is In Life

Izmir's first nature-friendly bus stop came to life
Izmir's first nature-friendly bus stop came to life

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has achieved another first in line with the strategy of developing green infrastructure. The "green stall" whose roof is covered with plants was presented to the public at Konak Bahribaba Transfer Center. Green stops designed for places devoid of natural texture will decorate the Halkapınar Transfer Center in the first place if they are liked.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality implemented the 'green stop' project in line with its strategy to develop environmentally friendly technologies and applications. The first example of the stops with low maintenance, dust catcher and air cleaning plants on the roof was put into service in Konak Bahribaba Transfer Center.

Izmir's first nature-friendly bus stop came to life

Very useful

The stop, which softens the effect of seasonal weather conditions by reducing the effect of the heat island, also contributes to the reduction of carbon footprint with its high carbon absorption feature. While the roof garden creates a habitat for living creatures, the collected rainwater is also given to the green area to save water. The USB charging area inside the station allows waiting passengers to charge their devices such as phones and tablets.

Designed for Halkapınar

The Green Stop Project, which is considered for places devoid of natural texture, was originally planned for the Halkapınar Transfer Center. If the first example placed in Konak Bahribaba Park is appreciated, it will be applied to all bus stops in Halkapınar. On the other hand, it is planned to be able to produce its own energy by adding solar panels to the roofs of the stops.

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