Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry, which joined the İZDENİZ Fleet, made its first voyage

Ugur Mumcu car ferry joining izdeniz fleet made its first voyage
Ugur Mumcu car ferry joining izdeniz fleet made its first voyage

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has included the fifth of the car ferries serving in the bay to the fleet of the General Directorate of İZDENİZ. İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and Uğur Mumcu's wife, former İzmir deputy Güldal Mumcu, also attended the first expedition of the ferry, named after the journalist-writer Uğur Mumcu, whom we lost in the terrorist attack with the votes of the people of İzmir.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments to increase public transportation opportunities in the bay. The fifth car ferry has been included in İZDENİZ, which has the youngest sea transportation fleet in Europe. The first voyage of the car ferry, named after the journalist-writer Uğur Mumcu, whom we lost in the terrorist attack with the votes of the people of Izmir, was built at Tuzla Shipyard with the resources of Izmir, today Mumcu's wife, 23rd and 24th term CHP İzmir Deputy Güldal Mumcu and İzmir Metropolitan It was held with the participation of Mayor Tunç Soyer.

Surprise welcome to first passengers

President Soyer was the first chartered passenger of the ferry, Dr. Önder Bayata and the first pedestrian passenger Berrin Kotan presented flowers and plaques to commemorate the day. The first passenger with car Bayata stated that he was happy to be the first passenger of the ferry and said, “Especially the name of the ferry was Uğur Mumcu, which also touched me. "I really like our President Tunç Soyer's investments that give importance to pedestrians and encourage bicycle transportation." Berrin Kotan, the first pedestrian passenger of the car ferry living in Istanbul, stated that he was very surprised by this surprise and wished the people of İzmir the new ferry to be auspicious.

Bay ferries accompanied by honking

Then, by cutting the ribbon, Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry was put into service. The guests and passengers who visited Uğur Mumcu corner left a red carnation in memory of Mumcu. Chairman Soyer and Güldal Mumcu signed the ship logbook and started the first voyage of the ferry by sounding the horn. Bay ferries also accompanied the Uğur Mumcu ferry's voyage in the Gulf by honking. Mayor Soyer and Mumcu wished Kamile Koç, the captain of the ship, an auspicious journey and rang the bell to inform the passengers that the voyage had come to an end.

Soyer, "I am proud of the people of Izmir"

Stating that Uğur Mumcu's name will also live in the Gulf with the Uğur Mumcu ferry, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “The importance of free, independent journalism in times of pandemic and crisis has once again revealed. Like bread, we all need news. Ugur Mumcu free and independent journalism, inspired by intellectuals personality in Turkey. I would also like to express my gratitude to the people of Izmir who gave our ferry its name. I am proud to be from Izmir, ”he said.

The gulf will come alive

Emphasizing that the Izmir Bay is one of the greatest riches for the city, Mayor Soyer said, “İZDENİZ still provides service with 15 catamarans, 5 car ferries, five cruise ships and the Bergama Ferry, which is allocated for social events. both from time kazanWe need to use the gulf more in public transportation for a more enjoyable journey. This is the reason why we have increased the frequency of cruises despite the decrease in passengers during the pandemic period. When we get through this difficult process, we will also have new applications to increase sea transportation opportunities and pleasure. The number of ships and piers will increase. The Gulf will be much more active and lively,” he said.

Thanks from Mumcu to the people of Izmir

Noting that she was very happy to participate in the first voyage of the ferry named Uğur Mumcu today, Güldal Mumcu said, “I am very excited, I feel bitterly happy. I thank the people of Izmir and our President. Fortunately, under the eternity above the sea, the name Uğur Mumcu met with the people of Izmir ”.

The program organized due to the commissioning of the Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry Karşıyaka Mayor Cemil Tugay, Menderes Mayor Mustafa Kayalar, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Gender Equality Commission and CHP Group SözcüNilay Kökkılınç, İZDENİZ General Manager Ümit Yılmaz, İZDENİZ Chairman Osman Hakan Erşen attended.

Ferry properties

  • Uğur Mumcu Car Ferry is the fifth ferry to be included in the İZDENİZ fleet. Built in Istanbul Tuzla Shipyard, the ferry is 98 meters long and 15,21 meters wide… It can carry 51 vehicles, 12 bicycles and 10 motorcycles.
  • It has a total capacity of 194 passengers, 128 in the closed passenger hall and 322 in the open passenger hall.
  • Other features of the ship, which has two disabled elevators on both sides that provide access between the vehicle deck and the passenger deck, are as follows:
  • Large windows offering panoramic views of the bay in the closed passenger lounge,
  • Sockets for TV broadcasts, wireless internet and phone-computer charging,
  • Two independent pet cages on the deck,
  • Ship library and cafe,
  • Baby care room,
  • Two men, two women and a disabled toilet,
  • Embossed warning and guidance signs for visually impaired passengers,
  • Special parking spaces for vehicles of disabled passengers,
  • Wheelchair parking spaces in the closed passenger lounge,
  • Air conditioning in the closed passenger lounge and playground for children 2-5 years old.

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