How to Match Istanbulkart HEPP Code?

How to match istanbulkart account code
How to match istanbulkart account code

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

In the decision taken by the Ministry of Health within the scope of Covid-19 measures, public transportation HEPP code control made mandatory. With this decision, which ensures public health, it is aimed to make urban transportation safer during the pandemic period.

The Contact Person Will Not Be Permitted!

Within the scope of the measures taken by the Ministry of Health, according to the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the information of the persons who are diagnosed or have contact and who are found to be in isolation, but using the urban public transportation vehicles are shared with the relevant authorities. Public transportation use of patients, carriers or those who are in contact with these people with a diagnosis of Covid-19 will be temporarily prevented.

Accordingly, Istanbulkart and HEPP code matching will start on January 15. Passengers who do not match their Istanbulkart with the HES code until this date will not be accepted on public transport until they match.

How will pairing be done?

İstanbulkart HES code matching TC ID number, HES code and other information requested on the page. When citizens identified as risky in HEPP application scan their cards to use public transportation, a warning message will appear on the turnstile and passage device screens. With these warnings, passengers in the risky group will be prevented from traveling.


  1. How can tourists use Istanbul Card for public transportation? The matching website requires an 11-digit Turkish ID number!

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