Demand for Garden Nature Houses Concept Increases in Istanbul

Demand for bahceli nature houses concept is increasing in istanbul
Demand for bahceli nature houses concept is increasing in istanbul

According to the latest data of TURKSTAT, Istanbul has the highest share in housing sales with 22 thousand 270 house sales and 18,6 percent.

Arizon Yapı Board Member Mehmet Özden, who made evaluations on the subject, said, "While Istanbul maintains its feature of being the city where the most houses are sold due to its population density, the demand for nature house with garden concept is increasing in Istanbul residents."

After the pandemic emerged in our country, Arizon Yapı, which started the construction of 42 nature houses with gardens with the Piar project in Villa in Silivri, which they realized in Silivri, after the completion of the sample flat, the construction works of the remaining 41 apartments are continuing rapidly. Mehmet Özden, Board Member of the firm, who made statements about the housing project that will be delivered to the homeowners with their licenses in June 2021, said, “First of all, we wanted to implement our project in accordance with the 'safe living space concept' that we built based on the earthquake reality in Istanbul. In our Piar project in Villa where we laid the foundations right after the pandemic, we saw that especially Istanbul residents want to live in a safe house away from both earthquake and pandemic in the areas close to the city ”.

Stating that "Piar will provide a very spacious interior space for its users with its wide window details in Villa, which draws attention with its 6-meter high ceiling structure in accordance with the loft concept," Mehmet Özden said, "Our project is 20 million 143 thousand 463 square meters lush forest area. It is located in Balaban, in Silivri. For those who want to live in nature, it consists of a total of 11 nature houses with gardens, spread over a net area of ​​150 thousand 42 square meters ”.

"Earthquake is a fact that Turkey is not a temporary agenda to come"

In the Villa, where the carrier system is made of reinforced concrete and the exterior facade is made of metal panels resistant to fire, heat and cold in accordance with the earthquake regulations, Piar offers its buyers a private garden, safe, spacious interior, social and green areas, close to the city and a peaceful It aims to offer living space. In the project where 3 types of house options are offered; 3 + 1 houses have a gross area of ​​270 square meters in a garden of approximately 100 square meters, 2 + 1 houses, an average of 250 square meters of gross area in a 92 square meter garden, and 1 + 1 houses in approximately 150 square meters of garden and 47 square meters of gross area. has space. Arizona Structure Board Member Mehmet Ozden, "Earthquakes come in our country is not a temporary agenda is a reality in Turkey. He concluded his words by saying that we are continuing our construction works meticulously in accordance with the earthquake regulations.

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