Do IETT Buses and Metrobus Work in Istanbul on the weekend of December 19-20?

Do iett buses and metrobus work in Istanbul on weekends
Do iett buses and metrobus work in Istanbul on weekends

With the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a curfew will be imposed throughout Istanbul this weekend starting from 18:21.00 on Friday, December 21, until 05.00:19 on Monday, December 20. In this context, in the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), it was reported that the timetables were changed on the weekend between XNUMX-XNUMX December. Here, the curfew on the weekend, the metrobus and bus timetable on the weekend.

At the weekend when the curfew will be applied, IETT will organize 3 thousand trips with a total of 200 thousand 28 vehicles. On the metrobus line, there will be a trip in 3 minutes during the day and 1 in 10 minutes at night.

During the weekend curfews, all public transportation vehicles connected to IETT will continue to serve on their own lines. Each line will be worked with the least possible voyage interval. Additional flights will be arranged to the hospital areas. It will make 600 voyages with 14 vehicles on each Saturday and Sunday. In addition, spare vehicles will be kept in the fleet, and immediate intervention will be made to the points where there is density.

On the metrobus line, 05.00 voyage is organized in 22.00 seconds during peak hours between 17 in the morning and 1 in the week. As the trips will be reduced due to the weekend restriction, some of the drivers will be employed during busy hours on weekdays. In this way, it is planned to make an average of 5 percent more trips than the normal number of daily trips.

During the weekend, between 06.00 and 22.00 in the morning, a trip will be arranged 34 in 3 minutes on the 1G line and every 34 minutes on the 10BZ line. Between 22.00 and 06.00, there will be 10 flight in 1 minutes. In addition, spare vehicles will be kept on the line and instant densities will be intervened.

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