Hyundai starts a new era with the IONIQ 5

hyundai launches a new cagi with ioniq
hyundai launches a new cagi with ioniq

Hyundai Motor Company has released a promotional video for the "2021", the first private EV model of the IONIQ brand, which it will launch in early 5. Developed based on Hyundai's '45' EV concept, the IONIQ 5 will attract attention as a special electric vehicle (BEV). This special model will be the first car produced with the E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), which Hyundai introduced last week and will only be used in its electric models.

The 30-second video titled 'The New Horizon of EV - The New Horizon of Electric Vehicles' shared by Hyundai highlights the design features of the IONIQ 5 that have not yet been shared. In addition, the black dots used in the video combine with digital pixels to represent the beginning of a new era for electric vehicles.

In the promotional video, Hyundai wanted to highlight three extra features that will be offered by the new model with a few words. “Extra Power for Life” highlights the IONIQ 5's bidirectional charging (V2L) feature, while “Extra Time for You” emphasizes the fast charging feature. “Extraordinary Experiences” are interpreted as tips about the comfort and ease of use that can be obtained from a fully electric car.

The IONIQ 2021, a CUV model, will first be offered for sale in early 5 with the IONIQ brand, and then electric vehicles in different segments will be introduced in the future. Developing the IONIQ 6 for users who love sedan cars, Hyundai will also attract the attention of large families with the IONIQ 7 model, a larger SUV.

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