Minister Koca Evaluated Measures and Current Situation Regarding Coronavirus

husband evaluated the measures and the latest situation regarding coronavirus
husband evaluated the measures and the latest situation regarding coronavirus

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement to the press after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting at the Ministry of Health Bilkent Campus.

In his speech, Minister Koca pointed out that the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached 69 million in the world and continues to increase, and more than 1,5 million people have died due to Kovid-19.

Reminding that there is no country in the world independent of coronavirus, Koca said, “From the beginning of the pandemic struggle, our Scientific Committee has made a significant contribution as a guide. Our committee, which has met regularly since the first day, constantly evaluates the progress in the world and in our country, new scientific studies and new situations.

"The number of tests reached 20 million"

Referring to the increase in test capacity, Koca said, “As of today, the total number of tests performed has reached 20 million. Our number of positive cases exceeded 1,5 million. 550 thousand of them suffered from significant illness. We lost more than 15 thousand people, ”he said.

Minister Koca emphasized that they are increasingly intense measures, restrictions for the protection of the elderly, measures to reduce social mobility, prohibitions on gatherings, the obligation of mask and distance, risk zone and person follow-up through HES code, staging of shifts, contact screening and isolation with increasingly widespread radiation teams, He explained that a series of measures such as the follow-up of isolated contacts at home by family physicians and call centers are being implemented more and more every day.

Daily meeting with critical provinces

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, “In our country, there is more than five times the number of daily cases and 55 percent increase in deaths compared to the previous summit in April. Starting from the provinces with critical conditions, we meet with our governors, health directors and public health heads online every day and follow the situation closely ”.

Explaining that the number of radiation teams has increased and they support them in terms of personnel and vehicles, Koca stated that they mobilize national resources in provinces where they are needed, strengthen the infrastructure of test laboratories and hospitals, and provide tools and equipment to increase the intensive care capacity.

"Crowded environments make contamination inevitable"

Reminding that she insists on the implementation of effective protection measures, Koca said, “The use of masks, social distance and cleaning are the leading ones. However, we know it is not enough. In this period when cold climate conditions prevail, the necessity of being indoors increases more. Crowded environments make contamination inevitable. I especially draw attention to the need for adequate ventilation of the places we are in. “I would like to express that effective protection is not only our responsibility against ourselves, but also our society and especially our healthcare professionals who struggle for us by putting their lives forward”.

"We will have started vaccination from our healthcare workers by the end of December"

Referring to whether vaccines will be mandatory or not, Koca said, “We do not think that vaccination is mandatory for now. Rather, we aim to make mass vaccination widespread by convincing our citizens. If the reliability and effectiveness of the vaccine is clearly explained to our citizens in the process, I do not believe that many people will approach differently at this point ”.

Stating that they will start the vaccination starting from healthcare workers, then they gradually separate 65 steps such as chronic patients over 4 years of age and so on, Koca said, “All our family health centers, community health centers, pharmacies, health institutions, hospitals, including primary health care We want to evaluate our structures, we determine a strategy about it, that is, we will have already explained this to whom, when, where and how it should be done ”.

After the vaccine on 11 December reminiscent say the future of Turkey husband, "After arriving two weeks Public Health for 2 weeks with safe tests in Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices our institution Laboratory after will be passed to the user. In Turkey, we apply all vaccines that we do not exceed the safety testing laboratory investigations, we do not allow any use. In this case, we will probably start with our healthcare professionals by the end of December ”.

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