HAVELSAN Shares Features of the Sub-Cloud Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

havelsan bulutalti shared the features of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle
havelsan bulutalti shared the features of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle

HAVELSAN shared the features of the Bulutaltı Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (BİHA), which has vertical landing and take-off capability and fully autonomous mission capability.

HAVELSAN Turkey's leading defense industry companies; While continuing its activities in command and control, simulation technologies and cyber security solutions, Bulutaltı Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (BİHA) has announced that it has started to work on its social media accounts. "The rising intelligence of our Herd Digital Units is our Sub-Cloud Autonomous Unmanned Power." statements were included.

Today, again, the features of BİHA were announced with the sharing made from HAVELSAN social media accounts. In the statement, “Sub-Cloud Unmanned Autonomous Power; With its vertical landing and take-off capability, full autonomous mission capability and many other superior features, it will be able to operate jointly with all unmanned systems. The features of BİHA are as follows:

  • The ability to operate independently from vertical landing, take-off and runway
  • interoperability with other unmanned systems (UAV, IKA)
  • Ability to perform uniform and mixed herd missions
  • High reliability with real-time operating system and national software
  • Fully autonomous mission planning and flight capability
  • Day and night reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence mission execution
  • Target tracking, target positioning, mapping activities
  • Interoperability with C4ISR (Command Control) systems
  • Civil or military use

Source: defenceturk

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