Hasköy Bridge Intersection Advances At Full Throttle

Haskoy bridge intersection is moving at full speed
Haskoy bridge intersection is moving at full speed

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring together the citizens of the Capital with projects that will relieve the city traffic. Saying that “It is our duty to solve the transportation problem of our fellow townsmen in Ankara,” Mayor Yavaş initiated the Hasköy Bridge Crossroad work in July. In the Hasköy Crossroad Junction (Old Fruko Junction), which consists of 3 lanes in total, 3 departures and 6 arrivals, and will prevent accidents by providing uninterrupted traffic on the airport road, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs made approximately 45 percent progress.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has rolled up its sleeves in order to bring a solution to the traffic density of the capital, region by region and crossroads, is spending a lot of time to offer new transportation projects that will prevent loss of life.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which hit the scalpel on the unsolved traffic problem of the Hasköy Junction (Old Fruko Junction), which is located on the Esenboğa Airport road, which has an important place among the main arteries of the city and where frequent accidents occur, in July completed the works of the bridge intersection by approximately 45 percent.


Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş stated that the works started in July through his social media accounts and said, “We are starting to work on the construction of a bridge intersection for uninterrupted transportation at the point known as Fruko Junction on the Airport road in Hasköy. It is our duty to solve the transportation problem of our citizens of Ankara. Our work will continue without slowing down ”.

In the last 4 months, approximately 45% progress has been achieved in the works carried out by the Science Department teams in the direction of the airport road in the first place, and the earthworks production has come to an end. After the beams are placed this week, the work will start in the direction of Ankara.


Each bridge intersection with a length of 330 meters will consist of a total of 3 lanes, 3 going-6 arrivals.

The new bridge intersection located on Martyr Ömer Halisdemir Boulevard where the people of the region have been experiencing traffic jams for years; While it is located at an important point with connections to Keçiören, Altındağ and Pursaklar districts, it will both relieve the traffic considerably on the entrance and exit route to Çaldıran and Yeşilöz districts and facilitate the passage by side roads.

With the completion of the bridge intersection that will provide uninterrupted traffic for the drivers traveling on the Esenboğa Airport road, it is aimed to minimize traffic accidents, and the signalized roundabout will make it easier for drivers to reach.



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