Collective Bargaining Agreement was Signed at SAMULAŞ, for which the decision to strike was taken

samulas, whose strike decision was taken, signed the collective bargaining agreement
samulas, whose strike decision was taken, signed the collective bargaining agreement

📩 18/12/2020 10:55

A collective bargaining agreement concerning 514 personnel at Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. was signed at a ceremony. With the new contract valid until December 2022, a significant improvement was made in the salary and social rights of employees. Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir wished the contract to be beneficial.

The Railway Labor Union, which gave up its decision to strike, signed a 2-year collective agreement with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. After the signing ceremony held in the municipality building, 514 union member SAMULAŞ employees, whose salary and social rights increased, experienced great joy. With the contract, while the bonus and wage increase were increased, meal allowance, family allowance for children, shift and overtime, education once a year, birth, military service and marriage benefits among social benefits were entitled. Salih Türkmen, the mechanic who died of coronavirus, was also commemorated at the ceremony.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who wished 'good luck' after signing the collective agreement for the second term, said, “We thought we had an agreement on the collective agreement, but the strike decision came out. This was not nice. We tried and found the middle way. Our staff is above all and above all our staff. We do not embarrass them or make them look forward. I especially want to express this to our colleagues. The main thing is SAMULAŞ, our people it serves. Citizens are our priority in the understanding of municipality and management. After that, our employee, then we come. We never compromise on this principle. I would like to bring it to the attention of the union officers, branch presidents and employees at SAMULAŞ. This is the point to be taken into account in future collective bargaining agreements. "Good luck to our employees."


Pointing out that SAMULAŞ lost 30 million liras during the pandemic process, President Mustafa Demir said, “When we look at the financial capacity, SAMULAŞ is the organization we support most. Because it is a very expensive system to operate. We have 87 million TL expense and less than 60 million income. Therefore, the net wages paid to our workers actually have a large share in these expenses. At SAMULAŞ, the share of personnel cost in total expenses is over 60 percent. We signed this contract in these terms. There should be such a wage policy that our employees should do their jobs well, provide good service to the citizens, and manage them financially efficiently. We have tried to observe this in the collective agreement. We expect a higher performance from our employees, ”he said.


Underlining that SAMULAŞ is an institution that manages public transportation in Samsun, Mayor Demir said, “SAMULAŞ manages the rail system, 80 buses. We will buy 5 more trams. 33 new buses will come. With the personnel we will recruit with our new vehicles, our number will probably increase by 150 more. In addition, there will be very serious changes in public transportation within 2 years. We are implementing our projects in 17, which take the entire city landscape in front of us, handle 2021 districts as a whole, reschedule the assembly and distribution points, and eliminate the traffic congestion on our boulevards. The project on editing and displaying intersections is over. We are waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We will organize and renew the intersections. We remove the little ones. We are implementing a project that makes traffic 52 percent efficient, ”he said.


Railway Work Union Secretary General Hüseyin Kaya said, “I wish our second term collective bargaining agreement to be beneficial to you, our municipality and Samsun. Our dear president would like to offer you better gains, but in the process of economic difficulties and pandemics in our country, our main duty as the Railway Work Union is to develop the social and economic rights of our employees as well as to protect the important values ​​of our country. By taking this sensitivity into consideration, we have made every effort to protect your interests. Our esteemed president did his best to give you your right to earn a living by forcing all the conditions in order not to attract this business to different channels. I thank him on behalf of you. "Good luck to our employees."

At the ceremony, Yaşar Aydın, Railway Business Union General Organization Secretary, Murat Kütük, Railway Business Sivas Branch Head, Ahmet Çakmak, Railway Business Sivas Branch Secretary, Kemal Uzman, Railway Business Sivas Branch Financial Secretary, Kemal Uzman, SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı and employees were also present.

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