Transportation to Gebze and Darıca Districts Will Be Relaxed

Transportation to gebze and darica districts will be relaxed
Transportation to gebze and darica districts will be relaxed

Renovation works on Cengiz Topel Street, which will be an alternative to İstasyon Street, which provides transportation between Gebze and Darıca, and which will alleviate the heavy traffic load, are continuing rapidly. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, which completed all the productions on the north side, opened the road to traffic as one round trip and one return. The street where the productions started in the southern part will become 5 lanes when the works are completed.


Metropolitan Municipality teams, which renewed the street in two parts, north and south, within the scope of the project, completed the works in the north part. Within the scope of the work, 20 cm thick PMT and 9 cm thick binder asphalt were laid. In addition, 700 meters of pedestrian guardrail, 700 meters of tread, stone wall, electrical infrastructure works, rainwater and grid connection fabrications have been completed. With the removal of the electricity poles in the southern part, Metropolitan teams will start their manufacturing works.

It will lighten the burden of the station

İstasyon Street provides transportation for citizens between Gebze and Darıca district. Traffic density can be experienced at certain parts of the day on the street that runs along the route of Gebze Train Station and Darıca Çarşı. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to avoid traffic density and to enable citizens to travel faster, is expanding Darıca Cengiz Topel Street as an alternative to İstasyon Avenue. The renewed Cengiz Topel Street can also be used by vehicles coming from Gebze Bus Terminal to the Darıca coast.



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