Surgery is the Last Remedy for Hernia Treatment!

surgery last care for hernia treatment
surgery last care for hernia treatment

📩 04/01/2023 08:55

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information about the subject. It is very important for our patients who suffer from back and neck pain to follow the correct path in terms of treatment. In this regard, too many of us' Am I a hernia or am I experiencing pain due to reasons other than hernia? 'Distinguishing this complex problem requires serious expertise, knowledge and experience.

The person who is not informed correctly about what to do may also have to allow new problems to arise. For example, low back pain can be considered as a simple condition and can cause the painful consequences of a serious problem that is the manifestation of old problems in the future.

While it is a situation that can be prevented simply with correct information and correct procedures in the first place, our future years may pass in pain with distractions and insufficient interventions. For this reason, how can a patient with back and neck pain follow a path so that he can receive the right procedure and secure his next years!

Is it right to make a decision with an MR report?

It is absolutely not correct to make a decision with an MR report. Because MR shows the hernia dimensions as a picture, while the MR report is to write this view in black and white without clearly revealing the relationship. For this reason, the knowledge and reading skills of the radiologist who evaluates the MRI report are very important when making a decision about the patient's condition, but even if we assume that he describes it perfectly, this is definitely not a substitute for seeing with CD. We even encounter quite a lot of reports that conflict with CD. Imagine it was decided accordingly with the report! I personally, as a scientist, find it insufficient to make a decision according to the report and definitely do not approve. We find it useful to express one more truth. Even if it is evaluated by MRI-CD, it will be a very wrong attitude to decide on the treatment of the patient without looking at the examination findings (in some cases without CT or EMG) and without the ability to evaluate them together, and will decrease the chance of success.

Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır continues his words as follows;

What should we do if we have back pain?

Even if we are experiencing back pain for the first time, we should definitely see a specialist doctor who has the knowledge and skills in this field. Because suppose we are experiencing a mild pain; This may be due to a very serious tumor, infection, rheumatic disease, bone fracture, severe hernia, slipped waist, calcification, cyst, narrow canal, nerve compression. In such a case, the patient's pain relief with insufficient information may worsen his illness in the future. It will always be in our best interest to seek the early solution in competent hands. Just as we are looking for a good master when we hear a slight clicking sound from our car, we have to solve it with a scientist or a competent specialist doctor who can determine the source well when we have a similar situation in our waist. Another issue is that incompetent people offer a single method that they learn to their patients and guide them to this. Because they do not know any method other than that one method they learned. Unfortunately, there is no single method that produces solutions by itself.

Is hernia treated surgically or non-operatively?

Hernia treatment is non-surgical! With surgery, your disc is removed and discarded. It cannot be replaced and you will invite new problems in your waist for years to come. Of course, this expression does not mean that the surgery is absolutely unnecessary. Very few patients have to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, we also help our patients to direct them to surgery in these situations where the job is in the final stage.

Other methods used in Hernia Treatment alone do not work. What Are These Methods?


  • In-disc laser, radiofrequency, and ozone also have effects similar to surgery and may cause damage to the disc. It is worth noting that such applications should be performed in very limited hernia types.
  • In non-disc laser and redioferacance applications, the results are pending and not accurate.
  • Ozone therapy is not a finishing method for hernia or back pain.
  • Waist cortisone (point shot?), On the other hand, consists of cortisone and local anesthesia given close to the nerve and does not result in every patient.
  • Instead of waiting for results alone with Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy, it is necessary to ensure that they are included in combination therapies.
  • Hernia cannot be treated with leech, hijama, massage, fish wrap or herbal applications.
  • We see that Manual Therapy, Osteopathic Manual Therapy, and Chiropractic Manual Therapies alone can appear as an inadequate practice.

The question of what is the most ideal method comes to mind.

The most ideal method; Know the good, bad or inadequate aspects of all the practices is a specialist doctor who specializes in hernia.

Finally, I would like to state that hernia does not heal with painkillers, creams and single-session therapies as advertised on television.

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