Eye Problems No More Preventing You From Being A Police Or Soldier!

eye problems no longer prevent you from being a police or soldier
eye problems no longer prevent you from being a police or soldier

Ankara Private Era Eye Diseases Center Chief Physician Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Çağlayan Aksu gave important information on the subject.

Many people who aim to become police or soldiers among their professional dreams do not know what to do due to eye problems. However, No touch laser treatment is the most common treatment used in the treatment of hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. Especially military and police candidates can reach their professional dreams by using this treatment.

No touch laser is just one of the methods used to remove refractive errors. As the name suggests, it is a laser treatment applied without touching the eyes. “Touching the eye” is required to perform conventional laser procedures that have been used for a long time. This can be alarming for patients opting for laser surgery. Laser therapy with no touch excimer has no contact with the eyes. It is sufficient for the patient to look at the distant light source for an average of 30 to 50 seconds. With this feature, the most suitable method for patients who do not like the feeling of eye contact is the no touch excimer laser method.

One of its most important advantages is that it can be applied safely in patients with thin corneas where other excimer laser methods are not suitable.


Those who have refractive errors, who are over 18 years of age and whose glasses values ​​have not changed more than 1 diopters in the last 0,50 year, - Those who have myopia up to 10 diopters, - Those who have astigmatism up to 6 diopters, those who have hyperopia up to +4 diopters, Those whose corneal tissue thickness is sufficient, Those who do not have systemic diseases that may affect them (such as diabetes, rheumatism), Those who do not have any other additional diseases in their eyes (corneal erection-keratoconus, eye pressure, etc.), Those whose eye structure and expectations are found suitable for surgery can be treated with excimer laser as a result of the preliminary examination and examinations.

How is the application done? The No Touch Laser treatment procedure is performed only with anesthetic drops and the patient does not feel pain during the application. During the treatment, there is no device contact with the eye, the rays from the laser device are treated directly to the eye. The eyes do not need to be closed after the treatment, the patient can go home by keeping both eyes open. The application is applied to both eyes in the same treatment session. After going home, the patient may experience stinging eyes, redness, discomfort from light and blurry vision of small print on television for 36 hours. On the 4th day after the treatment, the patient can do all kinds of work, including working on the computer and driving.

Advantages of No Touch Laser

  • There is no knife or incision. It does not contain any risk of complications related to the knife or incision.
  • It can also be used for relatively thin corneas.
  • There is no risk of increasing intraocular pressure.
  • It does not damage the sensory nerves in the cornea.
  • Doesn't cause dry eyes.
  • It does not impair the biomechanical integrity of the cornea.
  • It is the least risky and most reliable method for both the patient and the physician.

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