Extreme E Off-Road Races Safer With ContiConnect Tire Monitoring System

extreme e off road races are safer with conticonnect tire monitoring system
extreme e off road races are safer with conticonnect tire monitoring system

The new Extreme E off-road racing series is preparing to take professional motor racing to the farthest reaches of the planet with electric SUV vehicles.

Throughout the race, drivers will push the limits of their tires in difficult terrains and climates. Continental, Co-Founder of Extreme E, equipped the vehicles with the ContiConnect digital tire monitoring system to make the racers feel more confident and their vehicles.

As of March 2021, the new Extreme E off-road racing series begins. According to the event calendar, the races will be held in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Senegal, the Brazilian rainforest and the glacial region of Patagonia. The teams will both try to cope with different climates and compete in extremely difficult terrain and tracks. The tires developed by Continental, the Founding Partner of Extreme E, for these tough challenges are vital for racers and their vehicles.

Outstanding expectations of outstanding racing scenarios from tires

“These races will not be held on standard tracks with asphalt floors,” said Sandra Roslan, Continental Project Manager, explaining the extraordinary challenges awaiting competitors: “The teams will compete in natural environments and on variable and very different surfaces such as sand, gravel, rocks, mud and ice. When we take these extraordinary conditions into account, we are talking about the biggest challenge that tires have ever faced in motorsport. ”

Extreme E off-road races are faced with extreme acceleration, hard braking, sharp bends at high speed, drifts and even jumps into the air. Naturally, the tires are also exposed to the overload of vehicles developed specifically for these races. The SUV vehicles named ODYSSEY 21 have approximately 550 times the electrical power of Formula E Gen 2 racing cars with 3 hp. At the wheel of every vehicle is a professional racing driver determined to get absolutely the most out of the vehicle and its tires. These SUVs are equipped with a special tire monitoring system so that drivers feel completely safe while pushing the limits of their tires throughout the race.

Digital connection to tires makes racing even safer

Technology and Premium tire company Continental's ContiConnect tire management solution collects and transmits data such as tire pressure and temperature during the race in real time. A sensor placed inside the tire measures and analyzes this data and transmits it to the driver from a screen in the cockpit. Changes in tire pressure and temperature create a visual and audible warning signal that helps the driver take the necessary measures to prevent tire problems. Tire data can also be transferred to the monitors and computers of the technical support team and stored for analysis after the race.

Digital tire management evolves with user needs

Originally developed in conjunction with the commercial vehicle industry as an improvement solution, the ContiConnect tire management solution has been gradually expanded since 2013 in line with user needs. This solution enables fleet managers to access tire pressure and temperature information via a web portal. Tire data is transferred to the web portal in two ways, either stationary when the vehicle passes by a yard reader station or live with the ContiConnect Driver App, which informs the driver while the vehicle is moving.

From 2021, Continental will be the Premium Sponsor of the Extreme E off-road racing series, organized in conjunction with Formula E. The technology company will equip all vehicles with tires suitable for the different and extremely difficult conditions they will encounter. Promoters Formula E Holdings Ltd. It expects 10 teams to participate in the races in the first season.

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